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some Skylanders getting no quests [CLOSED]
scottiedog Blue Sparx Gems: 723
#1 Posted: 14:01:37 20/03/2013 | Topic Creator
I've had a few Skylanders not get any quests at all. I search for them after each time I send them on a mission they have had nothing. For me this has been, at least, eruptor and lightning rod. There might be more I don't remember. Anyone else have this problem? Eruptor I put in the code for and LR was won when I reached level 30.
Reaganag Blue Sparx Gems: 878
#2 Posted: 15:04:32 20/03/2013
You get their quests when they hit level 5. If they are both already at or above level 5, then I don't know.
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lushipur Blue Sparx Gems: 950
#3 Posted: 06:43:28 21/03/2013
When i started the game i get for every skylanders lv5 quest and lv8 quest.
After one of the first update i started to see only lv5 quest.

Sometimes i receive an element quest when i use a new lv1 skylanders
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