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How does registering skylanders work? [CLOSED]
Ackis Green Sparx Gems: 354
#1 Posted: 20:54:28 15/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Two of the three mobile games use activate.

I just registered a character to my Skylanders Cloud Patrol and it stated that it can only be done once.

Does this mean I just overwrote the activation for my console game and the web game?

I'm just confused a bit at to what is the "best" way to activate my figures, as well what are all the different ways that I should activate them.

Thank you!
LaCrysta Yellow Sparx Gems: 1776
#2 Posted: 02:56:33 28/03/2013
It means once per game, as in no one else can register the same Skylander in the same game you registered it in. You can still register the same Skylander in different games.
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