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OHEMGEE Where's My Mabu's?!?! [CLOSED]
Whatsername626 Red Sparx Gems: 15
#1 Posted: 22:50:36 11/03/2013 | Topic Creator
I think I messed up big time..
I had like '5/2000something' mabu people and I figured that since I didn't need the houses
anymore i would sell them for the 50% back to buy bigger houses that hold more mabu.
Then of course my numbers changed to 0/300 which i assumed it would.. but I've bought like 8 of the 120,00 houses that hold 100 mabu and now my it says 0/1,035.... smilie
Am I going to have over 2000 mabu again before the number changes from zero??
Its like I overdrafted Mabu's from the Mabu Bank
I thought i was being clever >.> Now i feel stupid >.<*

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berzerker Green Sparx Gems: 156
#2 Posted: 23:27:01 11/03/2013 outsmarted yourself. They will start counting again once you pass your old total....
MegaDozer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1887
#3 Posted: 07:54:10 02/04/2013
I did the same thing.
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