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Halo 4 Fan Club [CLOSED]
Ash Starkindle Gold Sparx Gems: 2599
#1 Posted: 02:30:46 10/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Post all kinds of Halo 4 stuff.
My high score is 120 points.
I'm usually in last, but I beat one of my bro's friends.
My fave weapon on there is the SAW gun.
derpyhooves Emerald Sparx Gems: 3970
#2 Posted: 02:32:18 10/03/2013
Hi there fellow halo fan
Ash Starkindle Gold Sparx Gems: 2599
#3 Posted: 02:35:36 10/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Hi there. What's your fave weapon and average amount of points per game? My average is 40-60. My bro's friends are scary good, I'm just a beginner, so that's why I have such a low average. And, I guess we're the only Halo 4 fans here.
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Cynder_fan Gold Sparx Gems: 2683
#4 Posted: 10:08:05 10/03/2013
I have to admit I'm a halo fan but not a fan of halo 4
Local technician who comes up with rediculous ideas
Fatman Gold Sparx Gems: 2794
#5 Posted: 12:30:46 10/03/2013
Im currently at SR-45 in halo 4 and im a general grade 1 in halo:reach
Ash Starkindle Gold Sparx Gems: 2599
#6 Posted: 14:55:11 10/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Well, do you guys have any tips to give to beginners like me?
ace Gold Sparx Gems: 2960
#7 Posted: 02:23:00 11/03/2013
I'm probably one of the biggest halo fans on this site. On reach i am actually a few credits away from Field Marshal (i should go back and get it) and in Halo 4 i think i am SR-76 or around there. Not positive but i know i have completed a couple of the specializations. I have also invested a couple thousand dollars in the halo mega bloks line. Currently i have all sets aside from the PAX exclusive and my collection is made into a huge battle diorama that takes up half my room smilie unfortunately it is too large to photograph and really see much of anything in detail but i would be happy to post the video i took to capture my collection if anyone wanted to see smilie and Ash Starkindle, i dont really have too many tips because there are so many different tips and tricks that go along with any map, game type, situation, opponent, etc so it's a lot of just thinking on the fly and reacting. If anyone is interested in playing with me just let me know and i can PM you my gamer tag
Praise Helix!!!
Ash Starkindle Gold Sparx Gems: 2599
#8 Posted: 22:59:50 11/03/2013 | Topic Creator
WUMBOSIMPSON Yellow Sparx Gems: 1424
#9 Posted: 02:02:17 12/03/2013
At first I was like, "120 KILLS A GAME FOR AS?!???!!!1"
And then I was all; "Oh yeah, 343."

cry baby, I am
Ash Starkindle Gold Sparx Gems: 2599
#10 Posted: 20:51:51 15/03/2013 | Topic Creator
On XBox? I'll make my bro if he can.
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