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Unable to login at activision [CLOSED]
Lightsleeper Red Sparx Gems: 48
#1 Posted: 01:32:33 08/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Hi, i didn't know where to properly post this so I am apologizing in advance if I am doing something wrong.
I don't know if it's just me, whenever I click on the "friends" icon on the right, I keep getting the error message that I am not connected to the Internet. I clicked on the green activision button on the upper right corner and it says I am offline. My Internet is fine, I can surf the web and all that. Is Activision down or did something happen to my settings? Help please.
ATVIAssist Blue Sparx Gems: 978
#2 Posted: 22:30:07 29/05/2013
Hello Lightsleeper,

With regards to your log in issue; What web site are you attempting to log into? Are you still experiencing this error?

Regards, ^JH
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