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Official Activision Activate Username Thread
Fonkie70 Green Sparx Gems: 344
#151 Posted: 13:53:09 03/05/2013
Hi there. I've been playing for a month or so and already invited a bunch of you, but now I finally managed to register here. If anyone wants to add me, my id is Fonkie70. I've played and gifted every day so far, but you never know when real life might get in the way one day smilie.
gavrogirl Green Sparx Gems: 100
#152 Posted: 22:30:33 03/05/2013
Hey all! I'm new around here, but I play Lost Islands every day!

My Activate name is gavrogirl, friend me one and all!
Hey crowd! Friend me on Lost Islands (gavrogirl) I always give out gifts smilie
Missy60 Red Sparx Gems: 39
#153 Posted: 14:37:25 08/05/2013
My game keeps going back to the beginning and when I log on all my friends are lost. This has happened three times already. I have no friends again, please add me Missy60
Condorz Red Sparx Gems: 43
#154 Posted: 17:24:05 08/05/2013

Condorz or search my email

I sent requests to almost 40 of your so far lol My son plays from time to time since he got sucked into the Skylanders phase so try and keep his islands up to date.

Interested in trying the other iOS Games if anyone has any feed back on them.

I have an account as well, DaddyBladez

send invites if you would like smilie
AkuSparxAku Green Sparx Gems: 488
#155 Posted: 19:37:59 08/05/2013
I play a bit, gonna try to get battlegrounds here soon as well.
Username: Econknowmic
Games Played: Cloud Patrol, Lost Islands
The stormchase continues... Hunting crystal clear and stone whirlwinds
LCCCTWN Green Sparx Gems: 175
#156 Posted: 14:46:22 09/05/2013
LCCCTWN - please mention darkSpyro. I play and send gifts daily in Lost Islands.
Lash Blue Sparx Gems: 820
#157 Posted: 18:55:29 10/05/2013

I was Lash but I have had an error code 13 for over a month now so I made a new account. Please gift daily! I will return the favor!
Lashie on Lost Islands.
Grishnaar Blue Sparx Gems: 722
#158 Posted: 05:41:47 15/05/2013
Wow, can't believe I waited this long to jump on this. Add me if you want, I will play this into the ground!

username: Grishnaar

Novovictus Red Sparx Gems: 26
#159 Posted: 12:14:54 15/05/2013
We have two accounts at our house and we play all day every day. We never miss a gift!

"Novovictus" AND "Novovictus1"
2112 Green Sparx Gems: 237
#160 Posted: 14:09:50 16/05/2013
I gift and visit daily.

Username 2112
Sleepy0429 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3217
#161 Posted: 14:11:55 19/05/2013
I gift always!
dark52 let me change my username you coward
Photuris Red Sparx Gems: 31
#162 Posted: 22:25:21 21/05/2013
Name is Photuris. Can play online most days.
superpreston Red Sparx Gems: 23
#163 Posted: 00:29:00 23/05/2013
Please add me!
On Lost Islands
Thank you,
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 21:00:55 23/05/2013 by superpreston
jbsharbrough Green Sparx Gems: 285
#164 Posted: 00:07:09 28/05/2013
please add my wife, red2068. She's new, but I consider her to be a worthy friend.
eugekava Red Sparx Gems: 49
#165 Posted: 21:37:56 31/05/2013
Hi guys. I have already added a few of you. Have grown addicted to this game. My only concern is that most of the advanced players have their islands completely filled with residences and utility buildings. I guess it's necessary but doesn't allow for much design creativity.

My nick is eugekava. Please add me.
superstickboy Green Sparx Gems: 363
#166 Posted: 00:28:01 01/06/2013
Just got the game. Please friend me. You can find me as superstickboy.
Star Dragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 5323
#167 Posted: 10:19:23 03/06/2013
Username: StarDragon

I'm still playing Lost Islands everyday and will gift daily.
What! Marco sent you here? I've got a restraining order against him! - Rapunzel, Spyro 3
kevinsm2769 Blue Sparx Gems: 760
#168 Posted: 19:31:01 03/06/2013
Please add me for Lost Islands, I gift daily

username: kevinsm2769
Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of others.
Stubomatic Red Sparx Gems: 84
#169 Posted: 18:23:30 04/06/2013
I've added a bunch of people from here already, with many pending invitations. Feel free to add me, I play constantly and ALWAYS gift!

Username: Stubomatic
hannerz Gold Sparx Gems: 2281
#170 Posted: 13:24:53 06/06/2013
Finally got an activate account, I mostly play Lost Islands and occasionally play Cloud Patrol. smilie

Username: Hannerz
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
ShinkenRed Gold Sparx Gems: 2651
#171 Posted: 20:16:58 06/06/2013
ShinkenRed - I play all three games and I'm trying to be more active in how often I play them. Please, if you can, mention you're from DarkSpyro as I hate blind invites.
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sunfiredragon Blue Sparx Gems: 852
#172 Posted: 23:55:41 08/06/2013
Activate is sunfiredragon. Feel free to add me!
thewreckingball Blue Sparx Gems: 903
#173 Posted: 00:35:55 09/06/2013
My username is already on my guestbook announcement.
Always keep your feet on the ground Erwin -PAC-MAN World 3
Another platinum sparxs
Sklander21 Red Sparx Gems: 12
#174 Posted: 03:45:51 12/06/2013
Please add me. I play daily. Skylander21. Thanks.
Stubomatic Red Sparx Gems: 84
#175 Posted: 13:02:09 12/06/2013
Don't forget to visit other players kingdoms and send invitations. I get many more gems that way than I do from standards "Gifts"...every day! I'm amazed at the number of "friends" I have that have NEVER sent are losing out. ; )
aerdrie Green Sparx Gems: 210
#176 Posted: 13:03:43 16/06/2013
My activate name is Aerdrie

I play lost islands daily, will probably go back to battlegrounds when I get a phone with more memory smilie
gamecocksc17 Blue Sparx Gems: 792
#177 Posted: 17:52:25 19/06/2013
Hi there. I need some more friends. Anyone wanna help a brother out. activate username is stuartreckord. i gift if you do
Turrible, just turrible - Sir Charles Barkley
Whitewolv169 Red Sparx Gems: 10
#178 Posted: 22:31:40 24/06/2013
Please add. Mik Alama
Magyk Green Sparx Gems: 115
#179 Posted: 13:02:00 27/06/2013
If I have not added you already, please add Magyk.
BmcD73 Red Sparx Gems: 10
#180 Posted: 18:28:08 02/07/2013
Daily player - Jarick Neverwinter. Please add me.
My Collection smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie || smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie || smilie smilie smilie
Jbardenhagen Red Sparx Gems: 14
#181 Posted: 13:44:08 03/07/2013
I play lost islands most everyday. Please add me - jbardenhagen
Labtech89 Red Sparx Gems: 37
#182 Posted: 00:02:06 16/07/2013
My activate name is labtech89.
Qoboe Red Sparx Gems: 21
#183 Posted: 20:05:40 18/07/2013
Name: qoboe
Games:Lost Islands

I play every day.
BWladwa Blue Sparx Gems: 926
#184 Posted: 17:12:50 20/07/2013
Add me BWladwa
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Lash Blue Sparx Gems: 820
#185 Posted: 16:57:09 01/08/2013
I edited my post on the first page, but for those that only look at recent posts, add me! Lashie.
I used to be Lash but error code 13 got me a few months ago.
Lashie on Lost Islands.
midas73 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1379
#186 Posted: 18:10:46 09/08/2013
Feel free to add me: kbenson13
Activate username: "midas73". I am on a gifting hiatus so be warned...
Samcham Red Sparx Gems: 23
#187 Posted: 02:02:23 10/08/2013
I send gifts everyday, add me sam cham
Qanai Yellow Sparx Gems: 1327
#188 Posted: 04:06:04 14/08/2013
Feel free to add me too: Qanai
gollomthedark Red Sparx Gems: 32
#189 Posted: 22:34:14 16/08/2013
name: gollomthedark
games: lost islands
Add me on lost isles gollomthedark
Pico Blue Sparx Gems: 576
#190 Posted: 22:39:45 16/08/2013
Daily player on Lost Islands. Name Halycon85
cengaverrr Green Sparx Gems: 159
#191 Posted: 11:16:10 26/08/2013
Add me : Cengaverrr

Game: Lost Islands

Playing and gifting every day (level 30)
Activate: Cengaverrr
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Logurdice Blue Sparx Gems: 925
#192 Posted: 01:26:08 07/10/2013
Feel free to add me. I mostly only play Lost Islands, but I do have Battlegrounds and Cloud Patrol.

Username: Logurdice
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Gattolardo Green Sparx Gems: 149
#193 Posted: 22:33:40 07/10/2013
Hi all, I'm new around here. Activate username: Gattolardo - I play: Lost Islands daily, and occasionally also Battlegrounds and Cloud Patrol.
skysthelimit Red Sparx Gems: 37
#194 Posted: 07:07:18 12/10/2013
Add me - skysthelimit

I play lost islands and gift Daily

Stubomatic Red Sparx Gems: 84
#195 Posted: 11:36:26 13/10/2013
Feel free to add me still. I am having "cloud save" issues that Activision Support is looking into. When it gets fixed, I will definitely accept.

Wefness Red Sparx Gems: 28
#196 Posted: 03:44:42 14/10/2013
I play everyday and send gifts daily, those who want to add me feel free to do so.

Username: Wefness.
davidfelix Red Sparx Gems: 40
#197 Posted: 16:17:02 15/10/2013
My user name is: david-felix (

Thank you to everyone for the future addition of friends. smilie
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 16:28:13 15/10/2013 by davidfelix
SIGABRT666 Green Sparx Gems: 100
#198 Posted: 22:05:53 16/10/2013
Hello... I still play regularly. Feel free to add me. I'll gift daily, etc...

username: SIGABRT666 (no, nothing satanic... Those of you who are software engineers will get the joke)
SterlingArcher Red Sparx Gems: 29
#199 Posted: 06:41:59 20/10/2013

Just started playing. Love it. smilie

Time to develop an iOS MMO. I'd buy it.
EPICNESS2500 Green Sparx Gems: 137
#200 Posted: 01:09:19 25/10/2013
EPICNESS2500, I like Lost Islands and Cloud Patrol, but not Battlegrounds
smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
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