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Why Did You Choose Your Current Avatar? [STICKY]
NSane Bandicoot Emerald Sparx Gems: 3173
#1501 Posted: 00:59:14 31/01/2022
Because it's a somewhat obscure render of Spyro from Insomniac's old website from the 90's. Plus it looks cool idk
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HeyitsHotDog Diamond Sparx Gems: 8320
#1502 Posted: 01:24:03 31/01/2022
Hey is there anything you want me to bring for the rest of the week and if so it’s so cool that you can do something and just do it like that
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3947
#1503 Posted: 21:10:07 01/02/2022
rare spyro 2 manga and i like it. it's cheerful and i had an emo one before it
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Halvmorke Emerald Sparx Gems: 4482
#1504 Posted: 00:37:32 02/02/2022
Well, short story: I really love Wrecking Ball and it suited an avatar for the forum.

Long story: I started playing Skylanders in january 2013. That same year I went to another country to spend a year studing a masters degree (first time abroad for a long period of time), and by the time I was going through the begining of the worst time I've had in my life (including depression and therapy). Before departing I just bought Wrecking Ball. I already had 8 skylanders (one per each element) and wasn't planning on buying more, but WB kept growing on me, so I finally decided to add him to my collection. He was (and still is) hilarious and cute and I loved playing with him instantly. My girlfriend by that time also loved him, so when I departed I had fond memories of him as a character and it became a symbol of my home, family and girlfriend I was missing. I remember even drawing him in one of my notebooks on the plane.

So when I finally decided to register in the forum some years later, I didn't even have to thing about an avatar: I already had one. I already even had that same pic in my pc because I previously found it on internet and loved it for its style back in 2013.

P.S. 2014 followed, my relationship crumbled after almost 7 years, and I had to recycle almost my whole social sphere because I was surrounde by a huge ton of toxic people and behaviours I wasn't strong enought to face previously. I buried Skylanders untill late 2015 since I wasn't ready to play the games (SA and Giants) due to all the memories they used to bring to me (I usually played with my girlfriend), but I beat depression and SuperChargers was released, which was meaningfull to me since I dreamed with a "Skylanders CTR-like game" since I played Spyro's Adventure. And playing again with Wrecking Ball became once more a special memory.
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LeewweewoowheeH Gold Sparx Gems: 2393
#1505 Posted: 23:11:45 25/04/2022
YO! thanks for the party and the maserati yall rocked my body but now im gone BYE! skylandersfan60
Thunderdragon14 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8087
#1506 Posted: 00:34:23 26/04/2022
this avatar came from the depths of tumblr when i was like 14 or something. it was an incomplete gif and i literally stole it and made it a looping gif. i am a thief but it's been so long i don't think it matters anymore lol
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Erikatastrophe Green Sparx Gems: 432
#1507 Posted: 09:14:45 05/09/2022
Quote: LeewweewoowheeH
whoa you can tell i don t check this section like at all lol what ABOUT the legs Erika!!!!

Omgomgomg I don't remember!!
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ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3947
#1508 Posted: 15:05:16 08/09/2022
oh wait i didint update i drew hunter adventure because its funny
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Beemo Gold Sparx Gems: 2828
#1509 Posted: 14:56:29 16/09/2022
In remembrance of actor John Ritter's death and birthday this month.
I hate this name and I want to change it.
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