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Voices on Demo Fully Heard! [CLOSED]
Dragonhope Gold Sparx Gems: 2992
#1 Posted: 18:11:52 04/08/2008 | Topic Creator
Put your volume up to 40 and view the DotD demo. Mark Hamillish voice I would say at least.
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Phantom 69 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1624
#2 Posted: 18:13:13 04/08/2008
What demo the Comic con or the Elijah wood one. send me a link.
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Cynder_Rox Gold Sparx Gems: 2322
#3 Posted: 18:28:37 04/08/2008
I think she is talking about the Comic-Con one so, yes. Also, I think that is the Lava Golem, or "The Mummy" Video game down the way got mixed in DotD.
Spyla Blue Sparx Gems: 535
#4 Posted: 22:25:20 04/08/2008
ya cus the comic-con always show everything. there is another comic-con about cryptids and i think i saw spyro DotD and the mummy game. there weren't next 2 each other, but they were there.
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Invader Zarra Blue Sparx Gems: 880
#5 Posted: 00:22:04 05/08/2008
xD I'm leaving DarkSpyro... Sorry guys I've been too inactive on this website... If you know where to find me, find me there.
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