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vigliantie action [superhero-ish rp] [always open] [CLOSED]
zook it up Gold Sparx Gems: 2241
#1 Posted: 18:34:15 16/02/2013 | Topic Creator
for those who don't know the term vigilante means somebody who fights crime but is breaking the law at the same time.
it is the year 3029. there are floating citys, and flying cars. this story takes place in a city called oldyork. The citys crime rate is at a overall high, the politicians and police are corrupt. The mob family are the ones that really control the city. due to this many individuals have decided it is up to them to protect the city. so they have decide to take action, vigilante action. to combat these heros, the mobs have hired assassins of the same skill as the hero's to combat them. that is where you come in...

-no godmodding
-if you really need to swear, please beep out what your character is saying
-you may have romance but nothing to radical
-please try to keep things aproprate
-you may control characters such as random thugs or citizans as long as they don't do anything important
-you may not kill other peoples characters unless you have their permission
-you may fight other characters
-your character may have super powers as long as their not too powerful [e.g.: indestructibility, power to control everbody, power to blow up the city for no reason]
-you may have up to six characters
-you can be caught by the police and arrested [which means you will have to escape or just go to jail]
-if you are a vigilante and you do choose to kill all the villains you go up against realize that if your caught by the police you will have a harder time escaping
-your character may be a vigilante, a assassin a crime boss, a cop. pritty much anybody that can have any affect in this story
-your character must be human
-have fun

good or bad:
power: [if any]
skills: [e.g. best possible physical condition, master of hand to hand combat]
appearance: [picture or description][if vigilante or assassin you should put a picture of them in costume and how they normally look]
day job: [this is needed for everybody except assassins] [if crime boss then just put crime boss]
codename: [if vigilante or assassin]
night job: [optional unless your character is a vigilante]
tools/ weapons: [e.g. gun, swords, iron knuckles on gloves]

my characters
Name: Jhon Sauce
age: 25
gender: male
backstory: Jhon was a former special forces opritive for many years. he then returned to his home city and became a cop. realizing how corrupt the system was, he quit and became a business man. he built a legitimate company. though he long for the days of making a difference. so he draw on a hood and went to fight crime as a vigilante. he later teamed up with a man that has been giving him upgraded weapons and equitment
good or bad: good
power: none
skills: best possible physical condition, master of hand to hand combat, skilled with any kind of sword or knife, master archer.
appearance: normal: man with short brown hair, small beard. he is quite tall and is very muscular.
vigilante costume: weres a grey hood like mask, with two red eye wholes. a grey trenck coat, and grey gloves that have three fingers.
day job: former special forces, and former cop. now a rich business man
codename: the dook
night job: vigilante crime fighter
tools/ weapons: a suit covered with hipped knives. two katana blades on his back, and a bow witha quiver, pockets full of ninja stars
other: dosen't get along with most people

Name: Damian useli
gender: male
good or bad: bad [but people think hes good]
power: none
skills: best possible physical condition, master of hand to hand combat, exstensive skill with swords and knives, skill with most fire arms
appearance: normal: shorts black hair, no bead, quite tall and muscular
costume: black jumpsuit covered in bullets, has a black mask with a targeter over the right eye.
day job: night club owner
codename: Deathmark
night job: assassin, works mainly for the politician : Mark Dante
tools/ weapons: has many knives nidded in his suit, carry to blades on his back. ussally has two pistols in his pockets, sometimes carries a sniper rifle.
all post he rest of them later
other: is jhon sauces best friend, though nether know of eachothers duel identity

anyway feel free to post your characters ill tell you when we start, remember have fun!
Green Bean Machine
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derpyhooves Platinum Sparx Gems: 5717
#2 Posted: 19:10:33 16/02/2013
ooc is this a any character rp
zook it up Gold Sparx Gems: 2241
#3 Posted: 20:02:49 16/02/2013 | Topic Creator
Quote: derpyhooves
ooc is this a any character rp

ooc: yes, you can completely make up your character except they need to be human
Green Bean Machine
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