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Should I get this? [CLOSED]
nocturnalnathan Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#1 Posted: 01:37:19 16/02/2013 | Topic Creator
This looks pretty fun, and I'd really like to get it. Plus I just want the starter so I can get RDT and the platinum chest variant. The blue tooth portal looks nice too. But my main concern is that I only have an iPhone. Is it still worth it for me, or is this game only fun on the bigger screen of the iPad?
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darkrai848 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3096
#2 Posted: 03:43:21 16/02/2013
I bought the starter pack and love the game and only have an iphone 4. So as long as you have an iphone 4 or later I would say you should get it if it looks fun to you.
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Hexblazer Blue Sparx Gems: 895
#3 Posted: 19:38:31 30/06/2013
Don't get it because its dead, the game is forgotten and no longer update for it i believe.
sonsilv2 Blue Sparx Gems: 835
#4 Posted: 17:46:06 02/07/2013
i want it!
AzureStarline Emerald Sparx Gems: 3539
#5 Posted: 13:55:42 08/07/2013
i highly recommend you don't get it
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portalflip Blue Sparx Gems: 728
#6 Posted: 19:58:22 08/07/2013
In it's current state it's a hard game to recommend but don't write it off completely yet. Guha Bala, Vicarious Visions studio head/president, has said that they're planning on continuing to support all 3 titles currently in their mobile library. What kind of support and will it really happen this long after launch? Can't answer that but don't dismiss Battlegrounds completely in case they do go ahead and update it in some fashion.

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