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link to what happen with spyro in actavision [CLOSED]
darklegend Green Sparx Gems: 455
#1 Posted: 16:26:08 01/08/2008 | Topic Creator

its a little dutch but then it goes in english

wow spyro/ have alot sells and crash have almost double that couldnt be right but read for your self m8s
spyro your a very special creature with special abilities u can do whatever u like
cynder queen of darkness u take care of spyro
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Spyro LUVA Blue Sparx Gems: 638
#2 Posted: 17:41:29 01/08/2008
There isn't really any info about the future of Spyro.
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spyrorockforeva Green Sparx Gems: 391
#3 Posted: 22:37:49 01/08/2008
omg wow
spyro rocks foreva
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