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Curse of the Dread Yacht [CLOSED]
Chris at TFB Emerald Sparx Gems: 3636
#1 Posted: 20:13:26 24/01/2013 | Topic Creator
A earlier this week Aura24 brought it to my attention that zebas1234 had started a thread about the Curse of the Dread Yacht. I went digging through Skylander lore about it, but by the time I found what I was looking for the thread had been closed.

Here is what I had planned to post from a past Q&A session:

Q: Just how badly is the Dread Yacht cursed?
A: It's pretty bad. Curse Magazine recently rated the Dread Yacht as the #6 most cursed thing in their "Top 100 Curses" issue, just behind the vegetable, broccoli.

Q: Where did the Luck-O-Tron come from?
A. Interesting you mention that because it relates directly to the Dread Yacht being cursed. Some say that the person who originally built the ship was a very bad pilot. He was constantly getting lost, crashing into things, not stowing his luggage safely in the overhead compartment, etc. So he decided that since he probably wasn't going to become a better pilot, he should try to build a machine that just makes him very lucky. He could still be bad but he would luck out and it wouldn't matter. So he built the Luck-O-Tron machine on board the Dread Yacht (then called the "SS. Look Out!!") but unfortunately, this guy wasn't a great inventor either because what the Luck-O-Tron initially did was drain all the luck permanently out of the ship and it was never lucky again. He was able to salvage the Luck-O-Tron to provide some help to people who fly on the ship, but never when they are actually on the ship. This is the original curse of the Dread Yacht.
Skylanders Dad Blue Sparx Gems: 878
#2 Posted: 20:31:57 24/01/2013
Ha ha. Good stuff.

Thanks. Can't wait to relay this to my kid tonight. smilie
Here we go again...!
Aura24 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6561
#3 Posted: 01:51:08 25/01/2013
There's a magazine for cursed items?? smilie
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#4 Posted: 01:53:41 25/01/2013
I would think that broccoli would be #2, after me.
D-Rex Blue Sparx Gems: 804
#5 Posted: 01:55:21 25/01/2013
^ Unless you're Flynn's love life, you're not #1.
X-Treme Ripto Gems: 360
#6 Posted: 01:55:46 25/01/2013
Ah, good point.
zebas1234 Blue Sparx Gems: 985
#7 Posted: 05:24:07 25/01/2013
thx for sharing
go to my guestbook to see my collection
ima nom nom u tonight
people see my grammer they hating trolls here are evil
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