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Guardian High School [Open, always accepting] [CLOSED]
Cynderluv8801 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#301 Posted: 23:11:38 25/02/2013
Rocky looked at the time, it was time for the meeting
she shrugged a little then slowly walked out of her room
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#302 Posted: 00:16:51 27/02/2013 | Topic Creator
Freija looked around. "Well I suppose wan start talking a bit about this meeting. Serah, please?"

Serah stood up. "Well, as you all know, Full Faze is tomorrow. If you forgot, it is when the moon is full for seven days. This means that we will be going to Yomotsu Hirasaka as much as we can. With the groups' growing number of people, if someone happens to obtain their Guardian and needs to rest, we will assemble another team."

Pierce added, "Don't forget to rest though, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are our days off this week. You'll need to be prepared for this."

"Oh, Rocky. I have these for you."

Serah hands Rocky a trinity card. "It's a Trinity Skill card. It will allow you to use a cool skill with your Guardian. Take it."

The Trinity card Serah handed Rocky has writing on it which translates to "Cadenza"

"Oh, but you will need to try and fuse the Guardian Apsaras to use this ability with Jessica. It's a fusion skill. If you wanna try and fuse a Guardian, ask me tomorrow at Yomotsu Hirasaka." Serah replied with a smile.

"This meeting went a lot longer then expected. Alright, I will inform the others tomorrow. Better get rest, it will be a long day tomorrow.
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Cynderluv8801 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#303 Posted: 00:20:51 27/02/2013
Rocky smiled and thanked her and went back to her dorm
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Crescent Wing Blue Sparx Gems: 949
#304 Posted: 14:44:24 02/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Day: Wednesday
Time: 11:34PM
Weather: Cloudy

Freija, Pierce, Serah, Saffron, and Ward were standing at Guardian High School's gates waiting for the others.

"Im so psyched about this!" Saffron cheered.
"You better pipe down, a guard might hear you." Pierce noted.
Saffron put her hand over her mouth. "Thanks, I didn't think there would be a security guard here tonight, because I thought they left at ten.

Serah pulled out her phone and called Jacob, Jericka, Felix, Darkness, Rocky, and Cesas to come over to the school and prepare for day one of Full Faze.
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Cynderluv8801 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#305 Posted: 17:01:47 02/03/2013
Rocky got the call and grabbed her sword and everything she would need. She walked out the dorr and outside to meet the others
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#306 Posted: 22:52:18 02/03/2013 | Topic Creator
The clock ticked on Midnight and the school transformed into Yomotsu Hirasaka.

"Alright, oh there's Rocky. Rocky! We are going inside, hurry up!" Saffron shouted.

Everyone walked inside and saw the interior had changed from the previous visit.

Freija looked around. "So different from last time, anyway let's go."
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Windroc Green Sparx Gems: 143
#307 Posted: 07:03:33 03/03/2013
Felix comes running inside after everyone.

"Sorry about my lateness guys, I just lost track of time", Felix said. "What is our plan now?"

Felix checks to make sure his wakizashi hasn't slipped out of his sash.
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#308 Posted: 18:46:13 03/03/2013 | Topic Creator
The group had proceeded down the hall until they heard an eerie laughter.

Freija looked around. "Where is this creature?"
Serah summoned Oceana and began scanning the area. "I don't see anyone."

"SAFFRON!" Pierce shouted. "Don't!"

Saffron was standing in front of a shadow of herself.
"This was a stupid idea. Why did I join the dorm. All these assholes and brain-dead teenagers. They are murdering my mind, with their dirty jokes, colorless conversations, and their "my places" that they go to." The shadow went on.

Saffron was on the ground, sitting on her knees. "None of that is true! Stop it... Please!"
"Why isn't it true!? I am "You" and you're me." The shadow chuckled. "Why should I stop, I'm just telling your TRUE feelings."

"I don't think any of that, nor do I hate the dorm, I chose to go on my own free will. I love the dorm and all the people in it." Saffron replied. "And... your--"

"Saffron, No-" Freija cried.
"You're not ME!" Saffron screamed.

"Very Well then."
The shadow collected other shadows and formed a giant angel-demon hybrid.
"I am a Shadow. The true self."

Freija summoned her Guardian, Penthesilea. "Alright, let's take her down!"

Serah looked at Freija. "I will try and analyze the enemy." Serah ran behind a piller and focused her power to analyze the shadow.

Pierce jumped up a stabbed the shadow.
"Youch, haha just kidding!" The shadow laughed.

"My spear isn't doing anything. Am I powerless without a Guardian!?" Pierce mumbled.

An echoing voice of Serah's called out, "The enemy is weak to Ice spells! Freija use Bufu skills on it!"

Freija nodded her head. "Understood, thanks for the insight. Penthesilea. I command thee!"

Penthesilea appeared and hit the shadow with a powerful Bufu shard.

"AAAhhhhh! How dare you! Allow me to pinpoint your weakness!"
The shadow summoned a grid box to enclose on Pierce.

"Agh, I am trapped!" Pierce shouted. "Help me get out of here, my spear is breaking through."
Serah's voice echoed again. "I will see if I can analyze the box!"

Freija said aloud, "Given the enemy is weak to Ice the grid should be as well!"
Penthesilea used Mabufu and hit the grid, destroying it, and the shadow.

"I failed to finish the enemy." Freija replied.

"Alright, let's see what we can do!" Pierce shouted.

EDIT: Check out Page 1 Skill Post.
Changed Skill name/Effect
Added/Removed Skills
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#309 Posted: 23:36:12 03/03/2013
"Let me give it a try", Felix said in a low tone. "My grandfather's blade has a bit more of an edge on it. I'm sure there are more vulnerable spots"

Felix runs off to the side and assumes his combat stance, grasping his blade and scabbard, waiting for the right moment to draw his sword.

"The shadow is preoccupied with the guardians, now is a good time to strike", Felix thinks to himself. He charges the shadow drawing and slashing with his wakizashi in one motion. Felix slashes the shadow in the joint of the leg, behind the knee. The blade sinks deep and the shadow cries out in pain but quickly knocks Felix across the room with one of his wings. Felix takes a second to writhe in pain. He scrambles to his feet and re-sheaths his sword to be drawn again in the next attack.
Crescent Wing Blue Sparx Gems: 949
#310 Posted: 23:43:30 03/03/2013 | Topic Creator
"You honestly think you can defeat me with your measly powers!?" The shadow said with a maniacal tone. "Well I know your weaknesses, so think again!"

The shadow enclosed everyone at the battle in grids.
"I had such a fun time playing with you, now that I have played your game, let's play mine... Death! Mwahahaha. Supreme Analysis complete." The shadow said.

A giant force struck the prisoners of the grids.
"No! Is this the end!?" Freija cried in pain.
Saffron lay on the ground behind the shadow, unconscious.
Serah shouted to the lifeless Safron. "C'mon get up! You have to!"
Ward looked around. "Where's Pierce at? I don't see him, what about you Felix!?"

The force struck the group again.

"Persistant huh? Well then, I will make your death slow and painful!" The shadow laughed.

Just then Pierce stood in front of the shadow. An aura emitting around him.
"Is that... The aura of... a Guardian!?" Serah asked, writhing in pain.

Pierce stood, looking at the ground. "Isn't time you fell prey to your own game called "Death?""
"Soo, you're still around, I thought I disposed of you. Well let's wrap this up shal--"

"I don't think so!" Pierce returned.
"My my, this will never do." The shadow exclaimed.

"" Pierce mumbled.
"What was that!?" The shadow said with an agitated face.

A Black knight-like Guardian appeared from Pierce's Psyche.
"Formality! Mudo now!" Pierce commanded

A Black arcane symbol shielded the shadows' front side. The dark energy smited the shadow and caused her to fade back to its humanesque look.

"Pierce! You can use a Guardian too!" Serah said as the grids disappeared. "When?"
Pierce looked at the ground. "Well, I have had mine as long as Freija has had Penthesilea. But I never used it as I need suppressants to keep it from overriding my Psyche and killing me. You were all in danger, so I had no choice.

"Pierce..." Freija said.
Saffron stood up and faced her shadow self.
"Some of those things are true. The dirty jokes and "my places" that those who claim to be my friend, take me too. I usually got bullied there. So when my Dad got a job over in Inagi, I was glad to move. Then I met Serah and Pierce and they helped me out. So I guess you are a part of me."

The shadow nodded and transformed into an Angel with a sensory tablet.
The shadow has become the Guardian, Lune.

Saffron collapsed and fell unconscious.
"Let's get out of here. We have seen enough action for our first night, there are six more ahead of us." Ward said.

The group had left Yomotsu Hirasaka.

Oceana learned; Malaqua
Penthesilea learned; Bufula

Formality knows;
*Sonic Punch

New Wild Card Guardians are available for fusion for Rocky!

Notes: on Elemental properties
Str = Strong Vs. Takes 50% Less dmg from said element
Nul = Nullify. Blocks the attack completely.
Wk = Weak Vs. Takes 50% more dmg from said element and is knocked down
Drn = Drain. Converts the damage to HP

Ara Mitama (Chariot)
Str: Physical /Wk: Elec

Leanan Sidhe (Lovers)
Str: Wind / Wk: Water
*Me Patra
*Marin Karin

Titan (Strength)
Str: None / Wk: Ice
*Kill Rush

Nigi Mitama (Temperance)
Str: Ice / Wk: Wind
*Me Patra
*Ice Boost

Faerie (Hermit)
Str: Light / Wk: Elec
*Marin Karin
*Charm Boost

Eldritch (Star)
Str: Wind, Light / Wk: Earth, Dark
*Swift Strike

Shade (Moon)
Str: Dark / Wk: None

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Cynderluv8801 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#311 Posted: 02:05:10 04/03/2013
OOC: Awesome!

Rocky sat in her dorm, writing down some things and notes about everything. She looked over at her sword and smiled a little.
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#312 Posted: 02:17:46 04/03/2013
OOC: I started playing Final Fantasy 8 again, which totally reminds me of this smilie

Felix runs up to Pierce. "Hey that was pretty awesome back there, you really turned it around", Felix said. "So you have your own guardian now?"
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#313 Posted: 01:15:12 05/03/2013 | Topic Creator
"I have my Guardian for awhile now. I have to take expensive medical suppresents to keep it under control. Otherwise it will overrun my Psyche and kill me. But I had to save you guys."Pierce replied.

Everyone returned to the dorm and went to bed.

Day: Thursday
Time: 11:56PM
Weather: Raining

The group stood outside under a bus stop near the school waiting for it to shift on day 2 of Full Faze.

Serah looked at the determined group. "I wonder what Saffron's Guardian, Lune, is like." Serah told the group. "Sadly, Saffron won't join us until tomorrow, so I will stay as the current analytic. I'm curious to see who will receive a Guardian next."

Just then a young boy came up.
"Are you all here to investigate this place too? I have gathered my courage to come out here and see it for myself." The boy said.

"Aren't you scared of the dangers that lie in this forsaken realm?" Freija asked the boy.
The boy smiled sheeply. "Not too much. I got a weapon of my own though." The boy had removed an medium sized axe from his back. "See, I came prepared."

Ward was a bit shocked. "You carry that around? Is it even real?"
"Of course it is." The boy responded.
"Well enough of this, only two minutes left. Now, could you tell us your name?" Freija asked.

"My name is Rowan." He said.
"Pleasure to meet you Rowan." Ward said.
Rowan looked at the group. "Is this your first visit? It is my first."

"We have checked it out more and more, but, will you agree to help us?" Serah asked.
"Well, sure! I have always wanted to do thi--"

The school had shifted into Yomotsu Hirasaka.

"We'll save the talking for later, let's go." Serah said.
Rocky, Serah, Pierce, Freija, Ward, Felix, and Rowan walked into the dark tower.

"Wow, um guys who is that over there!?" Rowan said with a bit of fear in him.

"Twenty seconds in here and we find a Shadow of someone." Freija sighed, "New record."

The shadow before them was Ward.
"Well well. Look who came to play. First, let's go over your three fates. One, you die and I die. Two, you die and I live. Or three, I die and you live. Personally I prefer number two, don't you?"

"Ward! Don't give in!" Serah cried.
"We shouldn't let our rude guest interrupt our conversation." The shadow chuckled.
Ward looked down. "She isn't rude. She is my friend. You most certainly are not."
"Well then. I see how it is. But lemme ask on e question. What do you hope to accomplish going through this hell?" The shadow replied.

The group had been speechless.
"My my. I believe that we won't find anything going in here. We are just wasting valueable sleeping time. This kids are wasting their time hoping to find the "Truth" in here." The shadow said, pacing back and forth.
Ward clenched his fist. "I don't think any of that! I enjoy going here with everyone, even if it means laying down my life for one of them. My name is even the name of shields and guardians. So I suggest that you shut the hell up!"

"Ward! Be careful!" Pierce yelled.

"Silence fool! Now, Ward. Who do you trust? Yourself or those fools!?"
"I don't trust you, because you--" Ward got cut off.
Freija shouted. "Don't!"

"You're not me!" Ward cried.
Shadows latched to the shadow Ward and began merging into one. The shadow had become a giant demon surrounded by skeleton heads.

Serah summoned Oceana. Freija summoned Penthesilea. Pierce summoned Formalilty.
"Get ready, this is a strong one!" Serah said.

"I am a shadow. The true self!" The giant shadow shouted. "You shall fall by my might!"

"Penthesilea, Bufula now!" Freija commanded.
"I command thee, Formality, Tarukaja!" Pierce shouted.

Serah focused on the target. "I will scan the target!"
A few seconds later a green ring whirled around the target and disappeared.
"The enemy's weakness is water! Oceana and I can shine here! Aques now!" Serah shouted.

The three attacks had merely phased the enemy even though the one hit was a weakness.
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#314 Posted: 03:29:01 05/03/2013
OOC: Whoa man, that's a lot of stuff for a single post smilie

Felix stood speechless. "What!! How could that have happened?" Felix said. "Serah did you make a mistake in scanning it?"
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#315 Posted: 20:56:48 05/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Serah looked at Felix. "No, I think it is just that powerful to resist it! Somebody use Rakunda or something to weaken it!"

Pierce commanded Formality to use Sonic Punch.

The shadow had taken a good amount of damage.
"Well, a lucky shot there! But not good enough!"

The shadow charged an attack. "Materazi!"
A giant blast of rocks hit everyone.

"Ugh. That hurt!" Serah shouted in pain. "Oceana, Aques!"
The powerful blast of water knocked the shadow down.
"Let's commence an all-out attack!" Freija shouted.

The group piled on the enemy but it got up and quickly charged another skill.
"We can't survive another hit!" Serah said.

Rowan ran up and slashed the shadow with his axe.
"Why you little!" The shadow screamed. "Teradyne!"

The blast had knocked out Rowan.
"Rowan! No!" Serah yelled. "Serah used a Bead Chain to fully recover the groups' stamina.
Rowan stood back up and ran towards the shadow. "Thanks Serah, now take this you dang shadow!"
The axe had chopped off one of its limbs.

"Great job Rowan!" Freija remarked. "Penthesilea, Mabufu, detach its other limbs."
"Where is Darkness when we need her!?" Pierce asked.

"I don't know, I believe she was at the dorm." Serah replied. "Watch out!"
The shadow had smashed its arm down to the ground and nearly crushed Pierce. "You're pretty fast there, but not for long! Sukunda!"

Pierce's Agility was reduced.
"Agh, I can't get around fast!" Pierce said.
A Sudden surge of energy went through Serah.
"UGGGHHH!" She screamed.

Oceana had begun glowing a dark blue color.
A Giant sea dragon emerged.

The thought of losing all everyone she held dear by an enemy has caused Serah's Guardian, Oceana to be reborn into Leviathan!

"So this is my new power? Well I am gonna use it!" Serah said with determination. "Alright Leviathan, Aques now!"

The giant water blast caused the shadow to fall down and turn to pure darkness.

Ward stood back up and walked to the shadow.
"I have one thing to say. You're me!"

The shadow transformed into a warlock shrouded by mist. Ward faced hisself and the power caused the shadow to transform into the Guardian Nihil!

Ward collapsed.
Freija and Pierce grabbed him and carried him out. The group returned to the dorm.

Nihil Knows:
*Cruel Attack

Name: Rowan
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Arcana: Sun
Guardian: Prometheus > Helios
Weapon: Axes
Element: Fire
Weakness: Water > Water
Resistance: Fire > Physical, Fire
Appearance: Pic coming soon.
Backstory: Rowan was a boy who was always tormented by his classmates at the local elementary school. After hearing the many cases of Yomtosu Hirasaka from children and teachers and neighbors, he gathered up his courage to investigate the scene and uncover the truth behind the area, and the disappearance of his sister, Mae.

New Wild Card Guardians available.

Titania (Empress)
Str: Water / Wk: Fire
*Re Patra

Kusi Mitama (Strength)
Str: Wind / Wk: Elec
*Anima Freeze
*Wind Boost
*Survive Light

Fortuna (Fortune)
Str: Wind / Wk: Fire

Hermes (Hermit)
Str: Fire / Wk: Elec
*Fire Break
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#316 Posted: 00:33:04 06/03/2013
OOC: Why am i never here for the shadows? smilie

Rocky sits in her dorm, still thinking about the night before and excited for the night to come
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#317 Posted: 23:26:23 06/03/2013 | Topic Creator
OOC: We are just never on at the same time, that's why smilie

Freija had wandered around the dorm to see if everyone was asleep in their dorm rooms. Surely, everyone was there.

Day: Friday
Time: 2:54 PM
Weather: Cloudy

Saffron had walked into Rocky's last class at the end of the day and was excited to see her.

"Hey Rocky." Saffron said with a smile. "I'm feeling a lot better, so I will be able to accompany you on your journey tonight! Oh, so I found out, my Guardian, Lune, has the analysis skill like Leviathan's, but it seems to be a bit better, I feel like I can sense the enemy weaknesses and some skills they have. I won't be joining on the front lines though."

Freija walked into the classroom too.
"Ah, Saffron, you're here, good."
Saffron turned around and looked at Freija with an interested look on her face. "What's up Freija?"
"How are you feeling today? I didn't see you in Philosopher Adv. II this afternoon, did you get here after that?" Freija asked.
Saffron nodded her head. "No, I was here all day, I had to go see something that the Tech class is working on. The principal asked me to. They are working on a machine to help see the shadows during the hidden hour. I was curious and the principal called me because he said I am good with techy stuff."
"I see. That sounds interesting, but... I see, the hidden shadows within Yomotsu Hirasaka." Freija replied.
"Precisely, now, if you'll excuse me I have to go check the bulletin board, Rocky, wanna come with?" Saffron said. "Oh, and I will be ready for tonight Freija. Don't you worry."
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Cynderluv8801 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#318 Posted: 23:29:16 06/03/2013
"Sure" Rocky replied to Saffron happily with a cheery smile on her face
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#319 Posted: 00:02:50 07/03/2013 | Topic Creator
OOC: Edited first page, added the new Arcana. Added final Arcana Guardian(s)
Edited Skills.

Saffron walked with Rocky to check the board and then went to the dorm and prepared for Day 3 of Full Faze.

"Is everyone ready?" Freija asked.
Ward walked down the stairs. "I am ready."
Freija gasped. "Ward, you musn't go!"
"It is alright, I am actually all healed, I feel great, do you suppose Nihil did it?" Ward replied.
"It could be, but if you start falling, I will not hesitate to return you to the dorm tonight."
Ward smiled, "Don't worry, I got Nihil."

Saffron chuckled. "Well, glad to have you join us!"
Serah nodded her head, "Let's get going, we have a job to fulfill."

The group went to Yomotsu Hirasaka.
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Cynderluv8801 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#320 Posted: 02:16:55 07/03/2013
Rocky looked around "This place excites me!" Rocky said ho0ping some random shadow would come and attack

OOC: Finally I'm here for the shadows!
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#321 Posted: 21:49:28 07/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Serah went up to Rocky, "Now would be a good time to Fuse a new guardian if you want one, Jessica might not be enough, but when you switch, be wary of the weaknesses you gain or lose."

Serah held up two Guardian Cards and fused them.

Serah handed Rocky the Titania Guardian Card.
"There, that's a free one, use that card to summon Titania as you would Jessica." Serah smiled with a determined look, "Oh, and some Shadows might drop Guardian cards and Skill Cards, take this too, I seemed to have picked it up last time."

Serah handed Rocky the Skill Card for Garula.
"Any Guardian can learn it, even if it is their weakness! Sounds weird but make sure to use it wisely, it only has one use."

Pierce and Saffron were waiting for Rocky and Serah to catch up as Freija and Ward went ahead.

"Saffron, do you see Felix around here?" Ward asked.
Saffron was using her Guardian, Lune, to sense Felix. "I sense him and I sense a presence near him too! It could be his shadow self! We have to hurry now!"

The group went on ahead to find Felix.
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#322 Posted: 04:14:09 10/03/2013
ooc: hmm I wonder if anyone has missed me lately
AYO It's been a hot minute huh? I finally found my old password lmao
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#323 Posted: 15:34:11 10/03/2013 | Topic Creator
OOC: Finally your back. *hugs*

Its been weird without you. Glad to have you back.

Saffron had summoned Lune to pick up Felix's location again as it was faint the first time. She sensed multiple entities around their area.
"Um, guys. I sense multiple enemies, but they don't appear to be shadows. They're... Guardians!"

Serah turned around, "Wha!?"
"What do you mean?" Freija asked.
"This seems rather odd, so does this mean that there is somebody here with the ability to use a Guardian too?" Ward wondered.
Saffron kept checking the area. "I still sense it."

A voice out of nowhere called out.
"You there, you keep coming back, but why? You are disturbing my search." The voice said. "If you won't leave, I will terminate you here."

Pierce shouted at nobody, "We can defeat you... Scratch that. We WILL defeat you!"
Serah grabbed Pierce's shoulder, "Don't be overly confident. You don't know what you are dealing with."
Pierce moved Serah's hand off his shoulder. "Thanks, but I can handle this." He said summoning Formality.

"Mudo now!" Pierce called.
"Ahahahahaha." The voice laughed. "Well then, this will be a piece of cake."
A giant Angel-like creature appeared.
Saffron gasped. "Is this that person's Guardian?"
Serah shouted at the Guardian, "Well, we have to try don't we?"
Rowan gazed at the creature. "It seems to big to confront, but maybe we can do it!"

A girl with a navy blue sundress on walked out. "Now then, shall we dance?" The mysterious girl said. "Myriad! Go!"

"My, she looks no younger than us! Be careful though!" Saffron called. "I will analyze that Guardian."

Serah called Leviathan and used Aques but the hit did no damage it seemed.
Saffron's voice echoed. "It is called Myriad, and its Arcana is. Judgement? No wait, Aeon. What, I am detecting multiple Arcanas from it!"
"How is that possible!?" Ward asked.
Saffron nodded her head. "I don't know."

Pierce told Formality to use Mudo but it seemed to be ineffective.
"The hell!?"

The girl shook her head. "You must leave, before I hurt you too much!"
"Her tone, she is saying it as if she is being controlled. Notice how her voice fluxuated when she said "before I hurt you too much." It changed from a deep-dark voice to a little girl, so she must be possessed. Maybe that is the other Arcana is! Myriad is Aeon but the possessor is Judgement! We have to snap her out of this!"
"But our skills aren't working!" Serah said. "How can we do that!?"

Rowan shouted to Saffron, "I know what we can do!"
"You do?" Serah and Saffron asked.
"Yeah, let's just stall out the enemy. When the Hidden hour passes, we won't be able to use our Guardians!" Rowan said.
Saffron was in awe. "That's a great plan. Alright everyone, stall the enemy! We have twelve more minutes!"
Serah shook her head, "That seems easier said then done, but let's do our best!"
Pierce called out to Saffron. "What about Felix? What will happen?"
"Don't worry, he will be transported out like us before it reverts." Saffron said which reassured Pierce.
Pierce gave Saffron a wink and went towards the Guardian.

The girl was holding her head in pain, she obviously was in much pain.
"Myriad! Meltdown now!"

A Giant fire attack had severely hurt the group.
"Aghh, Cocytus Pain!"

Ice diamonds fell on the group, freezing Rowan.
"Rowan! Someone help him!"

The girl fell down, "Ugh. Narukami."

Bluish-White lightning strike the entire group.

"Divine Winds..." The girl said and fainted.
Cyclone hit the group, knocking all but Saffron down.

"Please stop!" Saffron cried.
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#324 Posted: 17:15:15 10/03/2013
ooc: so where should I come in exactly?
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#325 Posted: 00:04:37 11/03/2013 | Topic Creator
OOC: Check the previous pages to see about Full Faze and say that Darkness had ran into Yomotsu Hirasaka while the group was fighting the girl and Myriad.
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#326 Posted: 00:29:53 11/03/2013
Darkness ran, trying to help the group but she fell from the pain all over her. She looked up at a figure (Yomotsu). She just stared.
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Myriad had suddenly transformed into a giant demon creature and faded to darkness.
Freija and Serah had healed the group using their Guardians and helped everyone up.
"Is she gonna be alright?" Saffron asked.
"I'm not sure, this could have a negative effect on her health." Freija answered.
The girl in the sky blue sundress stood up. "Nghh. My Guardian, what happened to it?"
Pierce was a bit shocked to hear she actually owned a Guardian. "So it seems that the Myriad Guardian wasn't hers, but a mere facade. I wonder what her actual Guardian is."

The girl concentrated and unleashed a power and a majestic golden bird appeared.
"This is my Real Guardian. Its name is Orgilabeus. By the way, my name is August." The girl answered.
Saffron walked up to the girl, nice to meet you.
"Ugh, I need some rest. Is there a place I could stay?"
"Yes, come with us." Freija said.

The group went to the dorm and told August to go to the vacant room and sleep.

Freija told everyone that once August was asleep to go to the lounge and have a talk.
New Character

Name: August
Age: 16 (assumption)
Gender: Female
Weapon: Greaves
Arcana: Aeon
Guardian: Orgilabeus > Pandemona
Element: Ice/Wind/Physical
Weakness: None
Resistance: None
Appearance: [User Posted Image] (Credit to Artist)
History: Nothing is known about August currently.

Orgilabeus' Skills
*Tempest Slash
New Wild Card Guardians + New Fusion Skill

Fusion Skill
The King and I
Req: Black Frost + King Frost
Effect: Medium Ice damage to all foes and Freezes.

Quetzalcoatl (Aeon)
Str: Wind, Light / Wk: Dark
*Heat Wave

Neko Shogun (Star)
Str: Ice / Wk: Dark
*Resist Physical

King Frost (Emperor)
Nul: Ice / Wk: Fire
*Red Wall

Black Frost (Fool)
Nul: Fire, Ice, Dark / Wk: None
*Ice Boost

EDIT: Added two very important Arcanas
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#328 Posted: 03:09:44 13/03/2013
As if from nowhere, Felix appears in the doorway of the lounge peering in to see if anyone is there. Most of his body is covered with bandages, including his face. One of his eyes are covered as well. He had just returned from spending days in the hospital. They urged him to stay longer, so he could make a full recover, but he had already stayed too long and there was much work to be done.

"Oh well", his says to himself, I'm sure someone will turn up soon enough. He makes his way to his favorite spot on the couch and opens up his laptop.
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#329 Posted: 21:01:12 13/03/2013
OOC: Okay sorry I haven't been able to join in guys.. been pretty busy heres a reminder of my character...and I think now would be a good time to join ha

OOC: my Character .
Name : Cesas
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Arcana : Star
Guardians : Glacies > Crystallos
Weapon : A Set of Curved Blue Daggers
Guardian's Element : Ice
Guardian's Weakness(es) : Physical, Fire>Fire
Guardian's Resistance (Only for second forms) : Water
Appearance : 6ft, with a slim muscular body, hair pure white with bluish tints at the end (picture in the process of being drawn)
Backstory (Can be vague) : Cesas hasn't been stayed in one place for long, his father is a seasoned inventor, and sculptor and has spent his time touring the country showing off his great inventions, but has finally decided to settle down. Placing Cesas at Guardian High School.

Cesas stumbles through the school hall ways, After a long night working at the family gallery, his fatigue is playing a toll on him. The forming of marble with chisel and hammer, is no easy task even for the experienced. He gradually moves through the front parking lot to the front entrance of the dorm, and into the lounge.

At First Cesas thought he was dreaming, he could of sworn he was hallucinating from lack of sleep. The room was very dark and so only faint images of a person could be seen on the couch. Cesas through fatigued eyes could see, a face dimly lit from light off of a laptop that resembled a bandaged mummy.

"Um...Sir? Isn't it a little bit late to be in the lounge? I mean I'm all for 'burning the midnight oil', but you about gave me a heart attack walking in."

Cesas walks over to the couch across from the man and takes a seat.

"Hope you don't mind if I rest for a little, it's a long walk from my dad's gallery to here. Especially after a few hours of work. -yawn- Say I'm not sure I've seen you around here before...what's your name?"
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Freija, Ward, Serah, Saffron, and Pierce walk over and sit down around the coffee table.
"You must be Cesas correct? I am Freija, a senior at Guardian High." Freija said.
"Did you um, see "anything" unusual on your way here?" Saffron asked.
Serah gave Saffron an odd look. "Hey, don't blat it out ya here!?"

Freija went upstairs and then back down. "Alright, August is fast asleep. Cesas. Were you able to walk around at Midnight a few hours ago?"

Current Relationships + Guardians and skillsets
Rocky: Serah(Temper.) Lv. 6. Saffron (Priestess) Lv. 1. Pierce (Moon) Lv. 2. Darkness (Moon) Lv. 1
Darkness: Serah; Lv. 1. Pierce; Lv. 1. Saffron; Lv. 1. Rocky;(Judgement) Lv. 1
Jacob: Serah; Lv. 1
Jericka: Serah; Lv. 1
Felix: Serah; Lv. 2. Saffron; Lv. 1

let me know if any of these need editing.

Oceana (Temperance) - Serah
Str: Water / Wk: Elec, Dark
*Aqua Boost

Jessica (Judgement) - Rocky
Str: Light / Wk: Elec
*Fire Boost
*Fatal End

Formality (Moon) - Pierce
Str: None / Wk: Light, Wind
*Sonic Punch
*Power Charge
*Poison Arrow

Umbra (Moon) - Darkness
Str: None / Wk: Light
*Skull Cracker
*Double Fangs

Lune (Priestess) - Saffron
Str: None / Wk: None
*Full Analysis

Penthesilea (Empress) - Freija
Str: Ice / Wk: Fire
*Marin Karin
*Spirit Drain

Nihil (Fortune) - Ward
Str: Earth / Wk: Water
*Cruel Attack
*Earth Boost
*Ailment Boost
*Evil Smile

Orgilabeus (Aeon) - August
Str: None / Wk: None
*Tempest Slash
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#331 Posted: 22:18:25 13/03/2013
Cesas realizing more people enter the room, slightly sat up in his chair and tried to act attentive and forcing back a yawn.

"Yup that's me, nice to meet you Freija." said Cesas,

"Well I don't remember anything peculiar about my walk home, Then again I wasn't the most alert person on the way home either." said Cesas with a slight chuckle.

"I typically take the back way home, although people say it's more dangerous, It's a lot shorter." " I don't think remember the exact time I left the gallery but it couldn't have been to long from now, it's a long walk, but When you make the trip everyday, it goes fast."

Ceasas finally starts to wake more and more and realizes the large amount of people in the lounge at such a late hour.

"Hey why the 20 questions anyways? You seem a little too interested in what I was doing around midnight."
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#332 Posted: 23:30:06 13/03/2013
Darkness looked up. She tried to reach for a pain killer but was in so much pain that she could barely move. "H-Help" She tried to yell but it came out a whisper.
AYO It's been a hot minute huh? I finally found my old password lmao
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#333 Posted: 00:51:00 14/03/2013
Felix looks up from his computer, and while he doesn't hear Darkness, he can tell that she's straining for the pain killers.

"Ah, here let me get that for you", Felix says. He reaches over and takes a pill for himself, then hands one to Darkness. At that moment he realizes that he's been lost in thought and hasn't noticed that everyone is here. He gets up and limps over to the table where everyone else is.

"Hey" Felix says in a low tone.
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#334 Posted: 00:52:53 14/03/2013
OOC: Recap please smilie
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#335 Posted: 10:19:22 15/03/2013 | Topic Creator
OOC: Not much happened, Cesas was bombarded with questions by the investigation team.

Serah had a slight face change, "Uh, well, you've heard the rumor about the school transforming into a gate to the underworld? Well its called Yomi but the gate is called Yomotsu Hirasaka. It only appears on full moons, which we are in the middle of Full Faze right now, that's a period when the moon is full for 7 days. It started on Wednesday and today is Saturday."

Freija added on to Serah's intial response. "Being called "Shadows" seem to erupt from Yomotsu Hirasaka and attack the city, but it only lasts for 1 hour, then all shadows and the tower disappear. Even if we are still in it, a mysterious force teleports us out if we are in past 1 AM. The interesting part, is that we have Guardians, if you wish to join us on our expedition, you're more than welcome, then we can show you our true skills on the battlefield."

"Back on topic, have you ever noticed the damage the city has had on full moons? If you have, you should realize that was no human being. The shadows have actually killed citizens that stray out past this, "Dark Hour" and become prey. We are especially in danger, we have Guardians which attract more." Saffron said.

"Guys. I think we should call it quits for tonight, we will need to rest for tomorrow." Serah said.

The group walked upstairs while Freija and Cesas were still in the lounge.
"You are welcome to stay here tonigt. We will talk more after school.

Day: Saturday
Time: 4:34PM
Weather: Sunny
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#336 Posted: 21:53:46 15/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Alright guys, I need another GM for this, like to say what time it is, day and the weather. They will also say when we can go to Yomotsu Hirasaka. So here are the questions:

1). Why should you be my assistant GM?

2). What do you think you can do to be my GM assistant?

3). Qualities that you think will help.

4). Other questions/answers if you got them.

JUST PM me when you finish an application if you wanna be a GM too.

Also, this is the appilication if you wanna have a Guardian evolve again. I need 3 more people for Guardians to evolve again.
I.E. Serah's Guardian
Oceana > Leviathan > Reverie

1). Why do you think your character should receive a 3rd tier Guardian?

2). What will trigger the evolution to the 3rd tier Guardian?
Day: Saturday
Time: 4:34 PM
Weather: Sunny

Freija was waiting in the lounge of the dorm with Pierce and Saffron. The others must've been at school.
"I wonder if Cesas will be here soon, same with Felix." Freija said to Saffron.
"I'm sure they will, give it time. School just let out 35 minutes ago. It can be a long walk, and maybe they had something after school. Or they stopped for Coffee like I did haha." Saffron said.
Pierce stood up and grabbed a protein bar from the pantry and sat back down. "Eh, give it time, Cesas is new to this place, so I would give him time to try and find the dorm."

A sound from upstairs emitted.
"What was that?" Saffron asked.
"Probably just August, maybe she has recovered." Pierce replied.
Freija walked up the stairs and went to check on August.
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#337 Posted: 03:16:37 16/03/2013
Felix limps into the room, leaning on a sleek black and silver cane. "Hey guys sorry about my lateness, it takes me a little longer to get around now. But I can still fight." Felix said. "So what is the plan for tonight?"

Felix walks over and sits on the couch, leaning his wakizashi against the side of the couch.
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#338 Posted: 22:17:40 16/03/2013 | Topic Creator
"Hello Felix. Um, are you sure you can fight? You seem pretty damaged. Do you wanna stay at the dorm tonight?" Saffron asked.

"Well, Felix, if you choose to go we can't stop you, just be careful. I mean we have until Wednesday until this ends. Plenty of time."

August stands to the right of Felix and takes a bottle of something from the rack and a cloth and some ice cubes and wraps the liquid and the ice cubes in the cloth and hands it to Felix. "That'll make you feel a little better, and by a little I mean a lot."

August walked over behind the main desk in the dorm and walked out with a pair of metallic boots.
"These are my weapons." She said promptly.

Pierce and Saffron were shocked to see her choice of weaponry.
"You use boots? As your weapon? Interesting." Saffron blurted out.
"The correct term is "Greaves" but yes, these are my weapons. I learned a bunch of Kick boxing and other kicking skills over the years, and I watch a bit of action movies." August chuckled.
Pierce rubbed his eyes, still not being able to over the picture he saw of August kicking shadows. "Seems like you pack a powerful punch, maybe wanna wear something other than your Uniform? Maybe your sundre--"

August kicked Pierce in his side.
"AAyyeeh. That was uncomfortable." Pierce said as he ached with pain.
"You shouldn't have said that. That was just uncalled for, and Felix... Don't share that remedy with him. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get ready for our trip tonight." August said and walked upstairs.

"I think you went a bit to far with flirting... If that was flirting haha." Freija said and went into a laughing fit.
"Yeah, yeah. Well I think she may turn around and ask me out." Pierce said.
"Well, keep telling yourself that and maybe it'll happen." Saffron said, rolling her eyes.
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#339 Posted: 00:49:18 17/03/2013
Felix smirks in amusement at the whole matter. "Ah don't worry guys. In all truthfulness my combat ability really isn't going to be effected by this. Call it a family gift." Felix said.

Felix puts a bit more weight on his cane, which causes it to slip out from under him and he tumbles to the ground. "OWWDEDEDEDEAH!!........."

Felix starts to get back up again, trying to hide his embarrassment. "But everything else is like ten time harder now" Felix said.
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#340 Posted: 17:29:02 17/03/2013
Cesas Enters the Room. With a puzzled look on his face.

"Huh this place is alot harder to find when I'm fully awake" Cesas says with a Chuckle. and makes his way over to the couch spot he sat before.

"Sorry I'm late, so what's this meeting for?"
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#341 Posted: 18:26:07 17/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Freija sat on the small lounge chair and looked at Cesas.
"This meeting is to talk about you wanting to join the Invesitigation squad and if you wish to move into the dorm."

"It's very cheap and we still have quite a few rooms left. Only 2000Yen every 2 months. So you pay on Jan, March, May and so on." Pierce said.

"Yes, by the way, it's almost May 28, which means it's payment for you all." Freija said.
"Well, with the jobs that we have, I am sure we could get the money easily." Saffron said.

"Cesas, Felix, do you two have jobs yet? Here is a list of jobs available." Freija said.
*Tutor* - Pay = 3000Yen, Tutoring on Wednesdays only.
*Bus Attendent* - Pay = 1400Yen, Work on Tues,Thurs,Saturdays.
*Salesclerk* - Pay = 2200Yen, Work on Mon,Fri.

"Those are just some of them, but don't be all freaked out, because you don't have to go everyday. They think that since we are high schoolers, we can come if we want, but we must come at least once every week." Serah said. "Saffron and I work at the Coffee house on Tuesdays and Saturdays actually."

"Um, maybe we should go there and work today Serah." Saffron said. "We could use a little extra money."
"Yeah, good point. Alright, well, sorry to leave but we are going to work. Laters!" Serah said.

"Well, this meeting doesn't atone to them. But we want you to know if you can join us to Yomotsu Hirasaka on Full Moons." Freija said.
Pierce added on to Freija's statement. "We aren't forcing you, it is entirely your decision."
"Take your time to think about it." Ward said as he finally came back from the kitchen with a plate of mini cakes.

"Ahh, finally, something to eat, I am famished." Freija said in rejoice.
"Well, it took long enough, so enjoy." Ward said.
Pierce looked at Felix and Cesas. "If you want, have one."
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#342 Posted: 02:29:30 18/03/2013
Felix walks over to Cesas and extends one of his bandaged arms, "Hey Cesas I've seen you around school, but I think this is the first time we've met, I'm Felix." Felix says. "So are you a fighter? Because from what I've seen so far, we're going to be doing a whole lot of it from now on GAWHAHAHAHA!!" Felix winces in pain.
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#343 Posted: 20:09:47 18/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Freija looked at Felix's injuries.
"Those didn't occur when we went to Yomotsu Hirasaka. What happened?" She asked. "If you don't wanna say, that's fine, but I don't recall you sustaining those injuries from our trips."

"Maybe something happened at school? There have been increasing amounts of bullying occuring." Ward stated.

"Possibly. Felix, just be careful." Freija said.

Felix feels Freija's sense of friendliness towards him.

Established the Empress (Freija) Relationship
Lv 1/10
Known as HeavenlyHeroGamer on Youtube.
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#344 Posted: 02:07:31 19/03/2013
Felix turns to Freija with a smile, "Nope, the bullies don't really care to pick on me for some reason. It may have been because of the example I made out of one of them last week, but who knows", Felix said with a shrug.

"There was this crazy shadow that I ran into a few nights ago. It happened while I was walking home from the lumber yard. He babbled some crazy nonsense and threw something at a near by house, which caused it to burst into flames. There were four people living in that house and I tried to drag them out. But then everything went black and I woke up in the hospital. My injuries were......extensive. But don't worry about it, I'm a quick healer", Felix said.
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#345 Posted: 23:33:33 19/03/2013 | Topic Creator
"I see, you had very heroic actions. But I hope you recover fast. I just don't feel right about sending you to Yomotsu Hirasaka with your condition." Freija said.

The clock had struck Midnight and the dark hour began.

"Well, I guess time moves fast with these meetings." Ward said.
"I wonder if Saffron and Serah are okay." Freija answered. "Since it's the hidden hour, they can use their Guardians."

A sudden bash hit the wall of the dorm.

"What the!" Ward panicked.
Rowan dashed down the stairs with his axe.
"What's up? I heard that noise. I wonder what it was." He told everyone.

"Be careful everyone. Quickly, gear up everybody." Freija commanded. "Felix, don't try and get hurt. Cesas, think you can help us fight?"

The bashing was more and more relentless.
Pierce was grabbing his javelin and was ready for battle. "Alright, let's go!"
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#346 Posted: 15:58:52 20/03/2013
Felix adjusts his wakizashi. "Be careful, I think we're going to see the shadow that attacked me", Felix said.

The party makes a mad dash out of the room, Felix being the last one out. Just as he exits the lounge a menacing voice can be heard by everyone.

"Ahhhh, my little sheep. How I've longed to wring each and everyone of your little necks.....Just to put you all out of your misery!" exclaims the shadow. He then lets out a shrill, soul wrenching, high pitched laugh that sends chills down Felix's spine.

"Keep running for awhile", said the shadow. "You'll find me, and when you do I'm going to play a funny joke on you guys." The shadow lets out another shrill laugh.
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#347 Posted: 22:44:32 20/03/2013
"hmm" Says cesas as he ponders the decision and all of the information he's gathered from the gang. "we'll if you think im gonna say no to helping you fight your wrong, I can't just leave my new found friends to fend for themselves, while I continue my boring life back at the gallery. -Cesas flicks open one of his 6-inch pocket carving knives- Count me in."

Cesas, unaware of the situation he's found himself dragged into, follows others, until he hears the maniacal laugh, suddenly the party comes to an abrupt halt, and stairs back into the lounge. The room that once was lit and had a warm, comforting atmosphere, now was pitch black, and gave off a sheer dreadful cold feeling of fear and anguish.

"This.."shadow"....guy...has..a..pretty..sick..humor.." said Cesas as he's gasping from air, from the full on sprint earlier. Regaining his composure and breathe Cesas, readies his pair of carving knives.

Cesas yells into the room where the voice came from "Hey! I don't really know much about you shadow guys, but it's look to me your at a slight disadvantage here. So why don't you just come on out and stop with the tricks."
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#348 Posted: 02:21:03 21/03/2013
"It's no use, we need a wider open area to fight in", said Felix. "Let's go to the ground floor!"

The party sprints down the steps as the insane laughter can still be heard. About half way down the flights of stairs the laughs begin to rapidly grow nearer. Even further down the various parts of the stairs start melting and falling apart. Miraculously, the party makes it to the ground floor of the main section, which opens up into a large foyer. The party make their way for the main doors but suddenly the shadowy mist reaches the ground floor too. A single black playing card is launched from the dark cloud and shoots like a missile towards the door way. The card just barley misses everyone and Felix can just make out the Ace of Spades on the card as it shoots past him. The card explodes with dark energy, creating a vortex that sucks the party directly into Yomi. Everyone is thrown to the cold ground with the skeletal remains of dozens of corpses strewn about. The cloud of shadow follows in with them.

Felix can feel the adrenaline pumping through him. An extra potent adrenaline that blocks out all the pain he feels from his injuries. He looks up to see if the other are ok. But standing before him is the grotesque figure of a Jester with a hideous baby face, wearing black and white jester's clothes and a black and white jester's hat, with curly black and white jester shoes on his feet. Felix can also hear the bells on the hat as the Jester moves his head. The Jester bares his charred black teeth at Felix and then lets out a shrill howl of laughter; the likes of which only a Jester can utter.

"Now it's time to finish what I started", squealed the Jester.

Felix furiously draws and slashes with his wakizashi, aiming for the Jester's head. The Jester ducks and backhands Felix sending him flying into the air, but he lands on the ground like a cat and re-sheaths his sword. The Jester throws a queen of hearts a Felix, which misses and lands behind him exploding into a great fireball. Some of Felix's bandages are singed, but he manages to avoid most of the blast by leaping into air. He lands right in front of the Jester and draws his sword again in an upward motion, which propels Felix into the air again. The strike misses the Jester, but Felix follows through with a hard downward slice, which finds its mark on Jester's right shoulder. He shrieks in pain while grabbing Felix by the arm and throws him across the room. Even with all the adrenaline, Felix can feel the impact as he crashes into a stone pillar.
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#349 Posted: 22:37:20 21/03/2013 | Topic Creator
"Felix! Hang in there!" Cried Freija, "Penthesilea, Diarama!"
Penthesilea appeared and a purplish sphere healed Felix.
"Hang in there." Freija said.

Lune had ben summoned and was scanning the enemy.
"This Shadow is weak against Fire and Ice!" Saffron shouted. (Felix's Guardian is weak to that, so his shadow is too)

August ran up near the Jester. "Take this!"
August took her hand and put it to her head and focused. "Orgilabeus! Bufudyne!"
The golden bird flew into the air and a giant cube of ice encased the shadow and bursted, dealing a large amount of damage to it. "Great job Orgilabeus!"

"Bufula!" Freija commanded and an ice shard shattered at the shadow's feet.
The Jester had taken a decent amount of damage but was still going on strong.

A Light emitted from Lune.
Saffron's voice echoed. "I can sense the enemy's skills it possesses."

Arcana Strength/Jester.
Resistance: None / Weakness: Fire, Ice
Magarula (Med wind damage to all)
Diarama (Med healing to 1 ally)
Masukunda (Lower all enemy Evade/Hit)
Mustard Bomb (Med physical damage to all + Chance of Exhaustion)
Power Charge (Power of the next physical attack will by tripled)
Suit Strike (A random card strikes 1 enemy for a random effect; Heart = Restore HP, Spade = Heavy Almighty Damage to 1 enemy, Club = Med Physical damage to 1 enemy, Diamond = All -unda skills (Tarunda,Rakunda,Sukunda) on 1 enemy)

"Be careful of Mustard Bomb, it can exhaust you!" Saffron said. "The weird part is, it has 2 Arcana, Strength and Jester! It must be two enetities!"

"We must defeat them both!" Ward shouted. "Nihil, Terazi!"
A pillar of Earth impaled the shadow but it didn't do enough to phase it.

Rowan ran up to the Guardian and slashed it with his axe, ripping off part of its foot in the process.
"I got a hit!" He cheered.

The Jester spun around and threw a club card at August.
"Ugh, that hurt. You are gonna pay!" August shouted. "Bufudyne!"

The giant ice block shattered and caused the Jester to fall down.
"He is down! Let's all strike now!" Ward said.

The entire group piled on the enemy but he swung them all away and they all hit the wall, but the damage done had taken a big amount of stamina out of the monster as he was slowly dripping blood from many parts of his body.

"Keep it up guys!" Pierce said as he slashed the shadow with his spear.
"Not so fast." The shadow said. "You can't win that easily. As he said that he used Diarama and healed himself.

"Whaa!" Serah complained. "This isn't good, we have to deal more damage than he can heal!"
Leviathan came and used Aques on the enemy but it failed to do much damage.

"We must win! For Felixs' sake!" Freija said.
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#350 Posted: 03:13:34 22/03/2013
Felix emerges from the rubble and re-sheaths his sword. "Guys this one is different from the others, he seems older. Perhaps even ancient", Felix says.

The Jester reveals a snide grin on his face and throws another queen of hearts at Felix, but he reacts to it so fast that it explodes way off target.
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