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Masterchief Yellow Sparx Gems: 1437
#1 Posted: 23:34:12 28/12/2012 | Topic Creator
Who beat the game completely in less than a week?
Jaggedstar Platinum Sparx Gems: 6669
#2 Posted: 23:50:32 28/12/2012
you did, you sucker

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oh my god
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9016
#3 Posted: 02:44:42 29/12/2012
Certainly not back in the day when I was young and silly and the internet really wasn't what it is today. <.<
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Wojowu Yellow Sparx Gems: 1303
#4 Posted: 11:28:50 29/12/2012
Once during summer holiday I maxed out everything in 4-5 days, including skill points smilie
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#5 Posted: 22:18:29 29/12/2012
It took me a week to end this game at the first time when I was kid (without skill points).

I beat this game 6 times in this year and I take like 1 or 2 days to complete in a 100% with skillpoints (in 3 or 4 hours)
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Carmelita Fox Prismatic Sparx Gems: 11080
#6 Posted: 18:29:02 30/12/2012
I could probably beat it 100% in about 1 1/2 days.
Tynesider Yellow Sparx Gems: 1612
#7 Posted: 15:21:44 31/12/2012
I remember doing it last summer in about two days, though I think points must be taken away because I used the 'all abilities' cheat which saved me going back into levels to collect stray orbs or gems.
Jaggedstar Platinum Sparx Gems: 6669
#8 Posted: 19:53:54 14/01/2013

One day.
Quote: Paytawn
oh my god
Burning Gnorc Emerald Sparx Gems: 3463
#9 Posted: 23:56:42 14/01/2013
I did it a few days ago in six hours.
SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#10 Posted: 13:24:35 16/01/2013
It took me 4 hours, no big deal ^-^
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Crivtox Red Sparx Gems: 93
#11 Posted: 20:25:14 22/01/2013
Last week, I started a new Spyro 2 game one night. I 100%'d it the following evening. My mother told me I have a problem.
I've just played through it soooo many times... Of course, by 100% I don't mean all skill points, that took me an extra day and a couple of quick Google searches. Believe it or not, I have 100%'d this game like a million times, but I had never got all skill points until last week.
Just beating the game wouldn't take less than a day... If you're careful, you don't even have to play any of the Winter Tundra levels, and still skip some of the orbs (I'd probably skip some of the Zephyr or Breeze Harbour ones. I hate that trolley bird).
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spyro and sonic Platinum Sparx Gems: 7075
#12 Posted: 20:27:55 22/01/2013
Not the first time I played it but now I can certainly do it in a day if I sit down and do it.
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robbiepayne97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1790
#13 Posted: 06:06:29 25/04/2014
I beat it less than a day. I beat it in 4 hours. Not a big deal. smilie
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Stella Green Sparx Gems: 172
#14 Posted: 06:09:48 27/05/2014
When I first played it, it taken me long. But when I play it nowdays it takes my less then a day to finish.smilie
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alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 11838
#15 Posted: 09:34:00 27/05/2014
When I first played it, it took me months or even a year to beat it. Now whenever I replay it, it only takes me a couple of days or less.
Darchangel Blue Sparx Gems: 627
#16 Posted: 15:14:23 27/05/2014
Pretty sure I did. I don't mean to brag, it's nothing big, but I've beaten most games I've played in less than a week.
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