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Released on Xbox? [CLOSED]
kalamadae Red Sparx Gems: 95
#1 Posted: 20:01:20 26/12/2012 | Topic Creator
Now i remember this game being an exclusive release, at least as far as im aware it was a DS game. However my friend swears black and blue she had a copy of it for her xbox. i went through every other possible spyro game for those consoles but she swears it was this one. Does anyone else know if there is any truth in her story, or was my poor friend just confused? I couldnt find evidence myself of it being on another system, although Twilight Princess was only meant to be released on the wii but copies for Gamecube did make it to shelves before being quickly recalled again so i wonder if it was possible..
LegendaryFlames Emerald Sparx Gems: 3382
#2 Posted: 20:14:00 27/02/2013
1. Twilight Princess?
2. Nope she must be confused. Mabye its The Eternal Night?
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