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How did you find Darkspyro? [STICKY]
Queen_Cynder Yellow Sparx Gems: 1694
#301 Posted: 03:12:05 29/03/2010
I was searching on Google for pictures of Cynder for my desktop and this website came up. I went on for game help for like four months before joing as a user.
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Black Cynda Gold Sparx Gems: 2388
#302 Posted: 14:01:43 01/04/2010
i found this site about three years ago and never thought of joining but i joined and getting some good and very funny stuff from it
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cynder 9999 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#303 Posted: 18:28:54 01/04/2010
I just found, typed in spyro and it came up
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The Gunslinger Ripto Gems: 477
#304 Posted: 01:04:35 06/04/2010
I saw it mentioned on 4chan maybe a year ago?
spyro16 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1710
#305 Posted: 04:34:13 07/04/2010
its kinda funny but i was surfing around on google looking for some info on the spyro movie and this site came up as a result and since then iv been a user. (im new here. ive only been a user for about 2 weeks)
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drkdragoneye Green Sparx Gems: 430
#306 Posted: 09:55:26 07/04/2010
I typed in the address bar "" then ".org" then finally ".net" and bam this came up. The layout looked so awesome. *clicks register*
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galbatorix Blue Sparx Gems: 787
#307 Posted: 00:42:31 18/04/2010
my best friends friend skyqueen found it then told ice fire who is my bff and then told me !
Ice Fire Gold Sparx Gems: 2790
#308 Posted: 22:37:30 24/04/2010
Yeah my best friend Skyqueen told me about in and then "Hey look at me i'm a member!"
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Cynders sister Red Sparx Gems: 59
#309 Posted: 02:44:10 28/04/2010
I couldn't get past a level in the dawn of the dragons so I googled it and u can figure out the rest.
firewhip123 Gnorc Gems: 40
#310 Posted: 23:31:09 02/05/2010
i found it pop up while searching for the spyro movie realese date, and only found sad news.
GamingMaster_76 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1271
#311 Posted: 23:33:29 02/05/2010
I found it in dark's TEN guide and eventually joined.
Mia the dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 930
#312 Posted: 10:57:34 03/05/2010
google finding spyro sites
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cynder fan Blue Sparx Gems: 588
#313 Posted: 11:19:27 07/05/2010
i lookd :spyro forum
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christiangirl94 Green Sparx Gems: 387
#314 Posted: 18:12:54 15/05/2010
I can't remember completely but I think that I was looking for info about the Spyro movie.
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darkdragon50 Gold Sparx Gems: 2167
#315 Posted: 23:05:10 18/05/2010
I googled spyro forums.
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DarkCynder X Green Sparx Gems: 485
#316 Posted: 10:24:28 03/06/2010
i just wanted to found some darksmilie pictures and i see that site i was wondering what is that then i click on it and... oop!Darksmilie!
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furyspyro101 Red Sparx Gems: 41
#317 Posted: 18:08:28 05/06/2010
Quote: spyroandsparx
OK, it all started when I bought A Hero's Tail. I needed some help with the game, so I went to GameFAQs and I saw dark52's guide. I saw his website in his guide, and POW! I ended up being a member here.

sos i havent been on this foer a wile
ArcanaElement Green Sparx Gems: 248
#318 Posted: 01:19:05 06/06/2010
I was recommended to this site by my friend because I was interested in the fan art for the Spyro series.
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furyspyro101 Red Sparx Gems: 41
#319 Posted: 06:57:32 06/06/2010
^ er whatever smilie
sos i havent been on this foer a wile
DeathStar Yellow Sparx Gems: 1539
#320 Posted: 15:40:45 06/06/2010
Since Spyro's Lair doesn't work I tried to look for a website were I can make a dragon and save them, also saw young dragons that people made on youtube and stuff..., I didn't know how to make them, so one day, I typed in 'make a dragon' or something, I found DarkSpyro, a few months later, I decided to join smilie
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Fireball Emerald Sparx Gems: 3163
#321 Posted: 20:08:18 09/06/2010
I just heard about it from over at spyroforum. So many people had an account here, so I decided to try it out.
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cartoon101 Green Sparx Gems: 118
#322 Posted: 20:10:13 09/06/2010
Tibs told me about it after he googled spyro for no good reason after he downloaded the first game and then told me about it and I created an account here.
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Dark Man Yellow Sparx Gems: 1128
#323 Posted: 16:37:10 17/06/2010
Well I got bored one day and went on the internet looking at spyro things and looked at a picture made on the Spyro dragon generator, I had a go on it and then looked at the sign on button and I said "why not?" and here I am.
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Eternaly Spyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1092
#324 Posted: 13:35:09 19/06/2010
Playing Spyro is my hobby, my life, my purpose.
parisruelz12 Diamond Sparx Gems: 7577
#325 Posted: 15:54:05 19/06/2010
i found this site last summer tyring not to be bored
looks like ive got some things to do...
TheFlyingSeal Diamond Sparx Gems: 8537
#326 Posted: 15:04:21 22/06/2010
Quote: Eternaly Spyro
Playing Spyro is my hobby, my life, my purpose.

YOU HAVE NO LIFE!! Just kidding. smilie But I found it one day by typing in "Spyro" and lo behold, I found it.
Tibs Yellow Sparx Gems: 1183
#327 Posted: 02:56:42 29/06/2010
It is a long story... so here it is.

I was bored one day while playing my Playstation 3. I deided to check out some avatars to see if any interested me. I found one of Spyro from the cancelled movie poster. I then started to think about Spyro and how I loved playing those games when I was younger and such.

Well soon I google searched Spyro and checked wikipedia. There I found you could buy the first three Spyro games on PSN. So I payed 6 dollars and bought YOTD. I had to beat it in one day because I did not know you could save it. After I beat it I decided to search Spyro again because I was bored.

I found two Spyro forums but this one just seemed more active and had some realy good fan fics. After about 1 or 2 weeks of reading I decided to finnaly become a membe and write a fan fiction of my own.

Well, here is where it all got me. smilie
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Feather Dragon Green Sparx Gems: 146
#328 Posted: 16:04:10 29/06/2010
I found it while following a lead on a rumor that someone was remaking a Spyro game, I thought it meant someone would be remaking the first game in HD or something and I would buy that first day if someone did so I went insanely crazy and started searching, this site popped up when searching Spyro forums on Google so I could try to find a topic about it and lurk there. Ended up in two places: One was here, and the other was the Spyro forums, I didn't like how that site was run so I decided to look in here. Been lurking for a couple days now, and since I couldn't find info on that rumor I assume that's all it was, but I decided to join, I mean heck, it's a Spyro community and I'm in love with those games. And I was bored anyway so here I am. smilie
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pankakesparx456 Diamond Sparx Gems: 7795
#329 Posted: 20:13:02 30/06/2010
i found while i was looking for DOTD for a cheap price (i used bing).
Cool cool.
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no wings5 Blue Sparx Gems: 804
#330 Posted: 20:39:47 02/07/2010
i searched spyro forums on google and found and didnt like it so i searched again and found here. smilie (i linked to prove it sucks!)
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cynder2000 Gold Sparx Gems: 2277
#331 Posted: 21:20:42 04/07/2010
i googled spyro and i saw dark spyro site so i bookmarked it and became a member of it!
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TehCoolOne Green Sparx Gems: 113
#332 Posted: 16:39:42 05/07/2010
I saw some guy post something on spyroforum about how terrible darkspyro was, so I decided to see for myself.

Whoever said that suffered from acute retarded-ness, because this site is way freaking better than the kiss-asses at spyroforum.
Blackholes_Wolf Ripto Gems: 10760
#333 Posted: 16:57:29 05/07/2010
Quote: TehCoolOne
I saw some guy post something on spyroforum about how terrible darkspyro was, so I decided to see for myself.

Whoever said that suffered from acute retarded-ness, because this site is way freaking better than the kiss-asses at spyroforum.

Heh link plz :>
TehCoolOne Green Sparx Gems: 113
#334 Posted: 17:07:33 05/07/2010
Link to retarded-ness or kissass-ness?
Blackholes_Wolf Ripto Gems: 10760
#335 Posted: 17:39:13 05/07/2010
The retarded-ness plz, moar lulz
TehCoolOne Green Sparx Gems: 113
#336 Posted: 21:15:59 05/07/2010
Well now I can't find either.
neoyosh Green Sparx Gems: 342
#337 Posted: 16:54:58 17/07/2010
i serched dark spyro
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lord spyro Red Sparx Gems: 89
#338 Posted: 19:22:25 18/07/2010
I google seartched spyro the dragon
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Omikron Dragon Gold Sparx Gems: 2227
#339 Posted: 10:41:27 20/07/2010
I was searching some opinions about Dawn of the Dragon.Found this page ,read some comments which convinced me to buy this game ( and I don't regret purchase xD )
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ravenouscynder Ripto Gems: 864
#340 Posted: 13:55:10 20/07/2010
i found this site when i left the old one i used to go onto cuz they wouldnt let us have RPs that arent spyro related and there was a new moderator and he was really mean.
SpyroStar Blue Sparx Gems: 588
#341 Posted: 16:14:34 23/07/2010
i was playing TEN and when i'd tailstrike the button crab i guess my aim was off so i Googled Spyro walkthroughs and i found that one. i decided to join after seeing how accurate it was.
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cynder1111 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1675
#342 Posted: 05:51:34 24/07/2010
i found it though a good friend he said hey check this out and i did
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RubyWings91 Blue Sparx Gems: 738
#343 Posted: 02:12:56 29/07/2010
I found this site while I was looking for images of Spyro on Google in April. I clicked on a picture that I liked and BAM! There was I registered about a month later but didn't start posting until just recently.
GrandSpyro18 Blue Sparx Gems: 896
#344 Posted: 13:50:50 04/08/2010
just looked up spyro checked out the web and presto i'm here smilie
DarkRaverrr Red Sparx Gems: 27
#345 Posted: 10:54:24 06/08/2010
I found this website thanks to my friend Brenda! smilie
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Eternaly Spyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1092
#346 Posted: 16:43:51 06/08/2010
love this website dark spyro rocks

i was looking for DotD cheats and found this website, then i became member

P.S. neoyosh where u find your avi?!
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morgan89 Red Sparx Gems: 49
#347 Posted: 00:52:41 07/08/2010
I was on another website called and a user told me about!
time master Emerald Sparx Gems: 3229
#348 Posted: 20:48:29 07/08/2010
hehe i just went through my brothers history and found this
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pony_girl24 Blue Sparx Gems: 742
#349 Posted: 16:08:16 11/08/2010
Looked up cheats for DOTD
Phantom Platinum Sparx Gems: 5241
#350 Posted: 04:27:14 20/08/2010
I was trying to make my own dragon. I found the dragon generator. I thought I had to join to use it. smilie I guess I made a good choice.
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