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How did you find Darkspyro? [STICKY]
isaac343018s Emerald Sparx Gems: 4478
#551 Posted: 21:53:21 23/06/2013
I'm not even sure I remember in actuality....
Clackers89 Ripto Gems: 21
#552 Posted: 19:27:42 04/07/2013
If I remember correctly, some guy was talking about it in a Skype group of mine.
NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#553 Posted: 11:39:11 05/07/2013
i came her for info about skylanders spyro's adv..............
MoonHorizons Gold Sparx Gems: 2826
#554 Posted: 15:35:01 05/07/2013
I searched up "skylanders forums" in google and came up with this result. I lurked and lurked and lurked until I finally signed up here.
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Asami Red Sparx Gems: 11
#555 Posted: 18:27:48 06/07/2013
When I decided to try Skylanders--by the way, love it--I searched for power tips for it, and here I am.
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darkwolf Platinum Sparx Gems: 7187
#556 Posted: 02:58:17 08/07/2013
I was stuck on a level in DotD, so I searched for a guide, and found one here.
Eevee88 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4462
#557 Posted: 06:31:50 08/07/2013
i saw my mom use it and had her account and now i have my own account
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BlinktheCookie Emerald Sparx Gems: 3556
#558 Posted: 03:10:56 11/07/2013
I think I was looking for cheat codes...
Zamphira Red Sparx Gems: 30
#559 Posted: 09:55:31 11/07/2013
A friend of mine used to come on here a lot had this website bookmarked and just finished playing the tlos series and loved it been on here since.
Inuyashafan39 Gold Sparx Gems: 2752
#560 Posted: 17:58:39 26/07/2013
I didn't find Darkspyro. HDAZ pestered me about it.
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crashdragon Green Sparx Gems: 344
#561 Posted: 22:23:39 28/07/2013
How I found Darkspyro was because I wanted to find a fansite dedicated to Spyro and it had to be well done. So I searched "Spyro sites" on Google and it me here and boy was I happy for this is (in my opinion) the best Spyro that has or ever been made in the franchise's history.
Underian Emerald Sparx Gems: 3095
#562 Posted: 05:06:02 30/07/2013
Heirumaru2286 Gold Sparx Gems: 2285
#563 Posted: 00:15:41 09/08/2013
Heard little mentionings from another site I used to be on; Nanovor101. Actually, there was a whole topic on Skylanders there, and this site was mentioned, so I got curious, and the rest; as the say, is history
angels cry Emerald Sparx Gems: 4551
#564 Posted: 14:29:04 12/08/2013
I needed information on Spyro: Enter the Dragon Fly. I decided to make an account because of all the information available on the site.
S P Y R O Blue Sparx Gems: 953
#565 Posted: 16:49:57 19/08/2013
by needing help on defeating Malefor and so finding darkspyro
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artchixx Red Sparx Gems: 29
#566 Posted: 02:54:24 25/08/2013
Searching for Skylander goOdies off the beaten path -- found ya in google search for people collecting Topps Skylander cards
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minecrafter Blue Sparx Gems: 852
#567 Posted: 01:47:30 05/09/2013
god showed me the online path to heaven.
DrobotMewTwo Yellow Sparx Gems: 1852
#568 Posted: 00:13:42 07/10/2013
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jainasky Yellow Sparx Gems: 1016
#569 Posted: 04:20:10 13/10/2013
When I first got into the series in Jan this year I needed info on the characters and what things I had to get to start. Glad I found it everyone, is helpful and friendly.
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CamelApple Ripto Gems: 0
#570 Posted: 20:28:09 21/10/2013
I heard the community here was nice.
Amulet_Star Blue Sparx Gems: 954
#571 Posted: 04:21:57 12/11/2013
Oh jeez. We're going waaaaay back here, like when I was barely in middle school and my sister was still in elementary school.

IDK if I'm gonna get this right but I'll try

So if I recall sister and I would make these stupid stories about Spyro and Cynder and Flame and Ember and we would record our voices like acting out the scenes. It was kinda like an audio drama but it didn't have a script and we didn't know how to edit so literally everything was on the spot and our style of speech (I think that's the word) was absolutely terrible so it was hard to understand what we were saying. I think it was like a stutter.

Anyways, we wanted to post it online (as well as drawings to go with it) but we needed a site with people who liked Spyro so they would understand it ish. We just googled "Spyro fan site" and it began.

Of course people gave their honest opinions about how terrible it was and we were sad and left because we were still little kids, but that's the origin story. Now we're back. 'Cause like I'm almost out of high school and sis is a sophomore. So yeeeaaahhh.
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HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9026
#572 Posted: 04:27:21 12/11/2013
^Well, much changes when a lot of time passes. I look upon posts from 2007-2008 and mostly cringe. ^.^;
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Umbreon36 Blue Sparx Gems: 537
#573 Posted: 04:41:58 21/11/2013
I found it when I search something about Skylanders, back in 2012. Since then, I found this place to be really useful for my Skylanders needs because there's a lot of useful informations about the games in the main page and several good topics to get good advices.
hardcoreignitor Gold Sparx Gems: 2583
#574 Posted: 21:47:09 23/11/2013
I was hooked on Skylandrs and needed a place to talk bout it.

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I-Brawler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3565
#575 Posted: 20:11:20 13/12/2013
Well, you want to know the WHOLE story?

I'm not really sure, but I think I was looking up whether Dark Spyro's catchphrase was "Lights out!" Or not, since I saw it on his packaging in a video and my brother didn't believe it.


Dark Spyro is close to darkSpyro, so that was something that came up in the search.
I was wondering, "What the heck is this?" so I clicked on it.

What awaited me was a website. I had already gotten SSA at this time so I decided to click on it.
And that's when I found the Upgrades section. smilie
(I did not sign up at this time)

So I came back here every once in a while to look at each skylander's upgrades.

And then.....

About a month later.......

I saw the Forum. (Dun dun dun)

Giants was released, and there was a topic about quests.
I had just gotten Giants, so I knew about this stuff.
A guy was having trouble.
I wanted to help.
I couldn't help.
I didn't have an account.

But early February......

I-Brawler was born.......


I'll try to find the posts, and you can make fun of it all you want, I know my first post was a fail. smilie

EDIT: Alright, I found the home to my first posts. (Pages 2 and 3)
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#576 Posted: 17:21:00 20/12/2013
Exculy how bout google?
voodood90 Blue Sparx Gems: 973
#577 Posted: 14:49:42 23/12/2013
Quote: spyroandsparx
OK, it all started when I bought A Hero's Tail. I needed some help with the game, so I went to GameFAQs and I saw dark52's guide. I saw his website in his guide, and POW! I ended up being a member here.

Edit: Heh heh. I mispelled guide. smilie

That's exactly what happened to me!Except the game was Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.
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Grimslinger91 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1330
#578 Posted: 02:36:28 24/12/2013
I learned about this website in late 2011 because at gamestop I asked if the employee if they had cynder and he said no but he said to check out the website darkspyro so I looked at it and I thought that it was awesome so last month or so I made this account.
fusean Yellow Sparx Gems: 1142
#579 Posted: 20:02:58 25/12/2013
I originally bought Giants for a niece last December and found this site via google search. Got sucked into the game with her and have been lurking here ever since...xD
robbiepayne97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1891
#580 Posted: 05:21:25 12/02/2014
Well, I first found this in 2008, but didn't join because: here's the story

In 2008, I was just looking up Spyro stuff on the Internet since I'm a huge Spyro fan and I was just searching and searching and I found this website/forum, I clicked on it. It took me to the site and I look around and thought it was the most coolest thing (it still is the coolest thing). I had to go to bed though and forgot about it the very next day and then on February 9, 2014 on Instagram, someone asked me if I knew the website darkSpyro. I was like "Omg, darkSpyro??? I haven't been on there in years! I totally forgot about it!" then I signed up as soon as she told me. I can't believe I didn't join this years ago!
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Ahaila Yellow Sparx Gems: 1954
#581 Posted: 18:51:23 12/02/2014
I don't even remember how I found this site lol
uttster13 Gold Sparx Gems: 2701
#582 Posted: 15:51:26 15/02/2014
It all started in the 5th grade. My teacher bought her son the Skylanders game and hid it in our classroom. She showed my class the game and I was drawn to the idea of it. So I put it on my wish list for Xmas and my parents got it and Boomer, Voodood, Prism Break, Drobot and Flameslinger. I then became obsessed with Skylanders and wanted to change my computer background to the SSA poster. I was looking on Google images and saw a picture that had the smilie logo. I looked at the site and fell in love. I didn't post at all so I didn't earn gems as fast. Then I started reading stories in the Fan Fiction section. I wanted to write my own. (Which didn't happen until a year later.)

I fell in love with this amazing site and now I'm on everyday for like five hours. (It helps to mark it on your home screen for the iPod. You can get on a lot faster and get on virtually get on anywhere.) So now I'm here. This was probably the lamest story ever... smilie
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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8572
#583 Posted: 16:01:23 15/02/2014
I was looking up Skyanders 3 fan ideas. Most of them sucked.
willspyro Ripto Gems: 5862
#584 Posted: 20:37:14 11/03/2014
some friend on YT asked me if I was on it, then I joined
gnarlytreesnex Blue Sparx Gems: 651
#585 Posted: 00:23:00 27/03/2014
Found it proboley on google or on dragon art or roblox
eruptshake137 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1436
#586 Posted: 02:32:16 30/03/2014
I searched "swap force starter pack" when they revealed the pre order stuff for swap force. I lurked for a while, tried various times to get an account, then my email was hacked. I eventually got a new one, and I finally got an activation email. So eruptshake137 was the winning account smilie.
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ThunderBolt3811 Green Sparx Gems: 126
#587 Posted: 03:49:28 13/04/2014
I was looking for cheats for ANB and this site was one of the first things to pop up in the search. It then went downhill from there! xD
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ItalianGamer97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1378
#588 Posted: 23:11:02 18/04/2014
Well, I'm not sure exactly how I got here, but it had something to do with Skylanders.

Update: I think I was lurking here every then and again for Skylanders info before I finally joined.
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Lunarz Emerald Sparx Gems: 3328
#589 Posted: 00:47:21 19/04/2014
I believe I was looking for a map for locations in A Hero's Tail and I came here, i joined because of the Rp section.
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Dyno-Mite Ripto Gems: 92
#590 Posted: 02:46:42 08/06/2014
Google, after becoming a Skylanders hoarder.
Toynerd14 Ripto Gems: 95
#591 Posted: 00:07:06 09/06/2014
I don't know how I found this site, but it was around when Giants was about to be released. Since then I have frequently checked the site, but never actually signed up to be a member. That was, until today! Now I'm a full-fledged member, ready to give my thoughts and reactions to all the Skylanders news (like you'd ever want to hear that anyway)
Thepokeman Blue Sparx Gems: 590
#592 Posted: 20:14:24 16/06/2014
I was looking for inoformation on a certain skylander varient
ninja9351 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4924
#593 Posted: 02:27:59 02/07/2014
When I found out about Skylanders Giants I google Everything we know about Skylanders Giants. I found Bionicals thread and lurked for about 2 months then joined.
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Qcumber Yellow Sparx Gems: 1054
#594 Posted: 16:41:50 08/07/2014
I searched "skylanders upgrades" when SSA came out. I continued looking at smilie for 2 years, and got an account a few days ago. I also looked at S&N and Idle Chatter, too.
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zer0dch Ripto Gems: 1916
#595 Posted: 10:23:36 16/07/2014
It was seven years ago. I was 13. I had a really active account but I lost all the information for the account.
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StormDragon21 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5550
#596 Posted: 16:39:38 25/07/2014
I was looking for Dark Spyro online and clicked on this website.
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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8572
#597 Posted: 02:27:47 01/08/2014
Skylanders 3 ideas.
Failinhearts Gold Sparx Gems: 2376
#598 Posted: 03:01:30 24/08/2014
Looking up details on the Dark Spyro Skylander figure, found this instead.

Dunno what exactly I was looking for, but it was worth it for finding this site.
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Masked Man Blue Sparx Gems: 564
#599 Posted: 02:50:10 17/09/2014
mmmm sexy vore
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