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Using the Bluetooth portal on PC [CLOSED]
Alliana Green Sparx Gems: 311
#1 Posted: 11:47:42 06/12/2012 | Topic Creator
Has anyone tried for themselves with the PC version of SSA?

When I connect mine with the included cable, or any other mini USB cable for that matter, the portal will work for around a minute then the lights will begin to blink and the game will behave like the character has been removed for a moment. Im returning it tomorrow to try another one, see if it has the same problem. Is anyone else seeing this issue or do I just have a dud portal?
matthewgerber Blue Sparx Gems: 662
#2 Posted: 05:20:25 07/12/2012
Are you certain that the portal is connecting via the cable?

I would guess that Bluetooth is dropping into a low power mode, causing this behavior. It might be in the portal or in your system. I'm not terribly well versed in the mechanics of Bluetooth, but this is something that happens often with other devices (headsets, keyboards, mice, etc.).

Since the iPad is a low draw device and all of a game frontloads into memory, a slight drop in power from the portal wouldn't be so drastic a change. With the computer, it might be an issue.
Portal Master Blaze Brightsun @ Skylanders:Universe
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 13051
#3 Posted: 12:52:52 07/12/2012
Eh, that's pretty much normal behaviour for the PC version with any portal.
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Alliana Green Sparx Gems: 311
#4 Posted: 14:35:03 07/12/2012 | Topic Creator
Well, the pc doesn't have Bluetooth inbuilt so, yes, I'm sure it's using the cable.

And this is not the normal behaviour of the pc version with any portal, I have 3 of them that all work perfectly.

Funny, Activision support over the phone were more informed than this, but thanks for playing guys.
EgoNaut Yellow Sparx Gems: 1730
#5 Posted: 12:16:22 27/12/2012
That sounds just like the way my PC Version portal started behaving after I installed the drivers for Spyro's Universe.

If you get this problem with any portal, try uninstalling all of the devices drivers and then re-installing just the ones you need.
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