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I'll admit I was skeptical ... [CLOSED]
Peridot Weapon Blue Sparx Gems: 947
#1 Posted: 00:03:24 05/12/2012 | Topic Creator
... but after investing in the Bluetooth Portal of Power (I'm a sucker for "recognized" variants, and Gamestops' extra 50% toward trades let me unload some games for more value than they cost me to buy), it actually DOES add more to the game experience.

It's nice to have a game where you can have two different figures on the portal simultaniously, and switch one or both of them out at any point in the battle. (And fortunately, if you switch mid-battle it just does a quick half-second "warp in" animation and doesn't display the Portal of Power Summoning graphic each time.)

Still not keen on the "put the treasure chest on the portal, get an XP boost and a bazillion items" gimmick. That just guarantees I'll lose interest in the game that much faster with less objectives to strive towards.

It was nice to be able to "register" my entire collection in under five minutes with no code-typing required. Although there's no real "ownership" to the figures, so if you have the app and know anyone ELSE with the portal, you'd be able to visit them and instantly get the Platinum Treasure Chest benefits and unlock their Skylanders in your own game. (You'd think they'd have planned ahead and forced Portal characters to be registered via Activate to use.)

And now I'm stuck with an extra downloadable version of the game via code ... I'll have to find something to do with that. smilie
fatherofskyland Green Sparx Gems: 223
#2 Posted: 03:13:03 05/12/2012
The chest also gives a money bounes if you have it on the portal. If you are not useing the portal it doesn't give you the money boost. The game has gotten kind of boring. Useing jet-vac and double trouble are a great team but they beat everyone. but royal double trouble is the coolest variant.
Peridot Weapon Blue Sparx Gems: 947
#3 Posted: 05:54:02 05/12/2012 | Topic Creator
That's my point. The game gives you all those bonuses, speeds up XP and Coin growth, and a few days later, it's "become boring." It's the Farmville Formula. Once you have permanently accelerated growth, auto-unlock for many features, and a large 'sample pack' for the majority of the items, there's not really much to work towards.

Maybe I'm a slave to artifical accomplishments. I'm half-tempted to restart the game before I get too far into it and NOT put the Platinum Treasure Chest on the Portal of Power.

And I still wish you could gain Character XP and Coins in this game that could go towards your efforts in the Skylanders: Giants game, and maybe an exclusive hat to wear in the console version for each main boss you defeat. That would give you a full portal experience.
Graz73 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3215
#4 Posted: 14:51:25 05/12/2012
I played Battlegrounds all the way through the Mega-Chompulon battle. It got repetitive and boring, even though I kept trying different skylanders. I ended up fully upgrading about 8-10 of them before I ran out of content.

I know I could replay the levels, but there is no motivation to do so...
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ThePunchPopFizz Green Sparx Gems: 258
#5 Posted: 15:00:38 05/12/2012
There's already 2 more coming soon bosses and acti has said they plan to keep adding more.
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lushipur Blue Sparx Gems: 950
#6 Posted: 20:25:50 05/12/2012
The 10x gold is active even without putting the chest on portal?
Cause if u dont use the portal u dont get it.
Instead the Xp bonus is always on
Peridot Weapon Blue Sparx Gems: 947
#7 Posted: 03:57:59 06/12/2012 | Topic Creator
Quote: lushipur
The 10x gold is active even without putting the chest on portal?
Cause if u dont use the portal u dont get it.
Instead the Xp bonus is always on

Yeah, you're right. I didn't realize just HOW "freemium" the game actually was - if you "only" pay $6.99 for the app instead of buying the total package you're suffering from penalties of only earning 25% of the XP you could be and a mere 10% of the gold. Whereas if you buy the $50 package, you're going to speed through (and lose interest in) the game that much faster, as you're earning up to 10,000 gold per fight as early as the second level.

There's just nothing to really accomplish other than unlocking the next stage, and not much incentive to go back and do it again. Sure, you can get more gems and unlock more abilities, but other than that your characters can't improve. They don't gain levels, they can't go on quests to improve their personal stats, you just spend gems to unlock more moves and coins to improve the strength of those moves. Wham-Shell can go from being never used in battle to being maxed out without swinging his mace a single time.

Much like Cloud Patrol, it's missing something by lacking any sort of "benefits earned through repeated play" for INDIVIDUAL Skylanders. Once you have a Skylander with two move slots and two maxxed out moves, there's nothing that can improve them further.

I'd have made it so every Skylander levels through combat, which unlocks more features for them.

At Level 2, you'd get a small health increase.

At Level 3, you'd get a small attack increase.

At Level 4, you'd unlock your second move.

At Level 5, you'd get another small health increase.

At Level 6, you'd get a small defense increase.
(At this point, you'd have the health/attack/defense the Skylanders currently have in-game.)

At Level 7, you'd unlock the ability to use two moves at once.

At Level 8, you'd get another small attack increase.

At Level 9, you'd get another small health increase.

At Level 10, you'd unlock your third (and best) move.


This would also open the option for an "expansion" to improve all Skylanders to Level 15 later, offering another small health/attack/defense boost along the way, along with a FOURTH move and (at Level 15) the ability to use THREE moves at once.

That would have encouraged actually playing with a character repeatedly, as opposed to going through two levels and using your gems and chest-enhanced loot to max one character's skills out. That formula will get old fast.
SparCrux1101 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1898
#8 Posted: 05:00:23 08/12/2012
I gotta say, the buying the starter pack gives you a technical profit.
and if you dislike the platinum treasure, just keep it as a variant.
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