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Royal Double Trouble unboxing Skylanders Battlegrounds [CLOSED]
pennyman Gold Sparx Gems: 2106
#1 Posted: 20:37:50 04/12/2012 | Topic Creator
Hey guys - just picked up the Skylanders Battlegrounds starter kit at GameStop with the exclusive (we think?) Royal Double Trouble -- posted an unboxing and gameplay video - hope you enjoy!
Fiend28 Green Sparx Gems: 251
#2 Posted: 21:36:31 04/12/2012
Just wanted to say that I love your videos, been very helpful when it comes to picking which skylanders to purchase.
TheBakonBitz Yellow Sparx Gems: 1360
#3 Posted: 20:29:45 07/12/2012
I love your videos, and thanks for posting them on the forum! I always forget to check your channel and I haven't subscribed because of the insane amount of content it would fill up my subscriptions page! I wish you made a Skylanders only channel, I would so subscribe.
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