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Suggestion for the developer [CLOSED]
lushipur Blue Sparx Gems: 950
#1 Posted: 20:22:23 24/11/2012 | Topic Creator
Since the dev reads this forum, i hope they can improve the battlegrounds experience by adding two easy thing:

1) support pinch to zoom the map (both exploration and fight).
2) support double touch to move both the skylanders at the same time. Or add a follow function.

Graz73 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3215
#2 Posted: 15:35:46 26/11/2012
Not bad ideas lushipur. I'd like to see the ability to skip right to the fights without first panning the "arena" and watching the skylanders run in.
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Thumpterra12 Ripto Gems: 120
#3 Posted: 15:37:54 26/11/2012
me likes the ideas.
SparCrux1101 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1898
#4 Posted: 02:31:15 29/11/2012
or the option to auto attack once provoked. nothing's more annoying than to focus on a dying champion while the other stands completely still, victorious over its enemy.
and i also think auto-collecting items/money would be good. i've spent 3 minutes waiting for the battle to be over while forgetting to grab a "broom" or a "pinata"
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ATVIAssist Blue Sparx Gems: 978
#5 Posted: 06:10:20 12/01/2013
Hi guys!
These are indeed fantastic suggestions! Thank you for sharing them. We will make sure the devs hear your feedback on Battlegrounds. ^SG smilie
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