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Hit Combo System [CLOSED]
AntauriWolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1248
#1 Posted: 21:07:04 05/07/2008 | Topic Creator
What do you guys think of the new hit combo system for this game? If you've seen some of the screens for DotD you can see a hit counter when Spyro and Cynder are beating enemies.
I think it's a great idea! Seeing the number of hits I get whenever I beat an enemy just makes me want to go up to the highest number of hits I can possibly go xD
Axel Fodder
#2 Posted: 21:16:51 05/07/2008
Ohhhh, maybe it matters on how many times you hit in a row, or how powerful the attack is! I can't wait! I'm gonna get million hit combos!!!!!! smilie
RenanSpyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1619
#3 Posted: 21:36:19 05/07/2008
And the bigger the number of hits, you get more gems from the enemy when it dies.
Classic Spyro rocks!
AntauriWolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1248
#4 Posted: 21:37:17 05/07/2008 | Topic Creator
Do the gems have a part in this game? Do they let you upgrade something?
RenanSpyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1619
#5 Posted: 21:52:07 05/07/2008
I think they work like they did in The Eternal Night. But the producers said that this time they will be better hidden. smilie
Classic Spyro rocks!
black dragon Ripto Gems: 2470
#6 Posted: 22:04:12 05/07/2008
those blue gems were to easy to find.i wounder if it has a power multiplier
Axel Yellow Sparx Gems: 1975
#7 Posted: 04:03:50 06/07/2008
I should stop, it justs makes me want it even more! smilie
Wanna go for a ride?
Eternal Night Green Sparx Gems: 447
#8 Posted: 12:27:27 07/07/2008
I hit dummies million times, look before that! xD
The Darkest Hour is Right Before the Dawn..
torok Fodder
#9 Posted: 00:20:55 14/07/2008
infinity plus 1
spyroking16 Blue Sparx Gems: 776
#10 Posted: 20:10:44 14/07/2008
What if they made a combo that Spyro and Cynder can do together they could hold each other and swing their tails and spin around everywhere. They could kill the ememys everywhere.
Embrace The Darkness
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