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Hope Lost Islands (insert wish here) [CLOSED]
matthewgerber Blue Sparx Gems: 662
#1 Posted: 01:38:32 22/10/2012 | Topic Creator
I hope Lost Islands (and other new Skylanders apps) have a way to transfer your registered characters list (and stats/coins/upgrades?) from Cloud Patrol. Without a portal, I would hate to have to enter all those codes in to each new game!

What are you hoping for?
Portal Master Blaze Brightsun @ Skylanders:Universe
Spyroo Blue Sparx Gems: 867
#2 Posted: 09:07:19 22/10/2012
I'd love that too, it would make everything so much easier!

But the main thing I'm hoping for is iPhone compatibility, especially 3GS. All of my other similar games still support 3GS, so... Here's hoping, if they're still in the testing stage.
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Nibelilt Ripto Gems: 401
#3 Posted: 09:43:33 22/10/2012
The waiting times aren't ridiculous.

There aren't a massive number of real-currency-only items.
Nibelilt Ripto Gems: 401
#4 Posted: 10:30:17 22/10/2012
Nope, only the 3-game pack...
RadSpyro Gold Sparx Gems: 2007
#5 Posted: 19:56:45 22/10/2012
I'd like iPhone compatibility too. Would also love 3GS, as the iPhone itself is nowhere near as great as I was led to believe it is, so I probably won't be buying 4 or 5, honestly.

In-game, like Nibelilt, I don't want loads of items that require real currency. I don't mind them adding them, obviously - But like, say, Smurfs Village: When I first downloaded the game, they had a good balance of in-game VS real-life currency purchases. Lately though, most of it has all been real-life currency items.

Alternatively, make it relatively easy to obtain the real-life currency. Ice Age Village made it very easy to obtain it, for instance.
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Ryanator20x6 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1848
#6 Posted: 20:41:13 22/10/2012
I think i phones are a stupid fad honestly. I'd like a WP version. Or Android, that works too.
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skylanders100 Green Sparx Gems: 388
#7 Posted: 08:55:17 27/10/2012
you guys don't have too worry about that if you have a skylanders universe account
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matthewgerber Blue Sparx Gems: 662
#8 Posted: 08:14:15 28/10/2012 | Topic Creator
Quote: skylanders100
you guys don't have too worry about that if you have a skylanders universe account

Would you care to expand upon this? Don't have to worry about what?
Portal Master Blaze Brightsun @ Skylanders:Universe
spyro1691 Blue Sparx Gems: 737
#9 Posted: 18:38:07 11/01/2013
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ThePunchPopFizz Green Sparx Gems: 258
#10 Posted: 18:59:36 11/01/2013
I'd like an update for my hotdog. Also ingame variants other than RDT.
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JAR3D Green Sparx Gems: 158
#11 Posted: 16:40:40 16/02/2013
Hey guys! Listen, if anyone has an UNUSED trigger happy, wrecking ball, sunburn and/or zap web code pls pm me! If u do then i will give you the series 1 legendary triple pack codes (L.Bash, L.spyro and L.chop-chop) thanx!
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