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what rating do you guys want the game to be [CLOSED]
Eternal Night Green Sparx Gems: 447
#51 Posted: 08:39:03 09/07/2008
in US ''T'' / ''E10+''

in UKandEUROPE ''11+''/''12+''

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Cynder_543 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1277
#52 Posted: 11:46:58 09/07/2008
I think it should be 10 and over. It has got blood in it so it should be ether teen rated or 10 and over. Don't belive me then look at a DOTD pic Ertenal night found (sorry if I spelt it wrong! smilie! Look at bottom left corner and there is blood! The red stuff is blood! I am really shocked that a Spyro game would have blood in it. smilie It used to be bright and happy and now it is dark and spooky with blood! But that dosn't stop me from getting it even know if it is teen rated! But yeh, 10 and over.
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Coocie2 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4249
#53 Posted: 13:36:49 09/07/2008
i realy dont care annymore
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Aang Green Sparx Gems: 370
#54 Posted: 23:47:29 09/07/2008
To Cynder_543: Aww c'mon, Spyro's evolved for the BETTER. And that stuff might not be blood, in any case.
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matesds Emerald Sparx Gems: 3504
#55 Posted: 06:51:54 10/07/2008
Another rating topic? Why we all can't wait?
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Lukar82394 Green Sparx Gems: 393
#56 Posted: 17:41:07 10/07/2008
@Tango: Trust me, Okami NEEDED to be rated T. imo, it's not that bad, but it did have some... inappropriate jokes and content in it. Atleast, in the Wii version I have. xD

Anyways, it'll probably be rated E10+, but I'm hoping for a Teen rating so I'll have an excuse not to play the game with my six-going-on-seven-year-old brother. x.x
torok Fodder
#57 Posted: 19:17:41 10/07/2008
e10 all the oter games have been that so why not this one
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