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What would be a good move for this game? [CLOSED]
redthedragon Blue Sparx Gems: 831
#1 Posted: 00:13:31 27/06/2008 | Topic Creator
Name: (Think of a good name for your move.)
User: (Who uses it? Spyro or Cynder?)
Description: (Describe how it's used, What it looks like, even How to do it.)
Name: Volcanic Roar
User: Spyro
Description: A loud, perilous roar that shatters opponents defenses and does incredible fire damage.
X-tra: Nothing much.
Dragon Lover Emerald Sparx Gems: 4649
#2 Posted: 00:26:43 27/06/2008

Name: Gust.

User: Cynder.

Description: A huge wave of wind blasts out from in front of Cynder. Blows enemies so hard, they turn to dust.

X-tra: Nothing.
Dragonhope Gold Sparx Gems: 2992
#3 Posted: 01:02:16 27/06/2008
I'll try.

Name: Shadow Blast

User: Cynder

Description: Releases millions of shadow orbs shooting to each enemy. At sometimes, it might even paralyze enemies.

X-tra: Nothing.

Here's something for Spyro.

Name: Lightining Fire

User: Spyro

Description: Two attacks combined using a fury that shoots out numerous bolts and fireballs.

X-tra: Nothing.
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redthedragon Blue Sparx Gems: 831
#4 Posted: 01:17:15 27/06/2008 | Topic Creator
Those are sweet moves! smilie

Name: Light of Dark
User: Spyro and Cynder Co-op
Description: Spyro and Cynder join claws and twril together, Spyro breathes light, Cyder breathes dark, Killing all foes in seconds.
X-tra: You have to press a random seires of buttons to make it work at a specific time of the game.
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