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very basic begginers boss guide [CLOSED]
Spyrosflame Green Sparx Gems: 277
#1 Posted: 22:40:20 16/06/2008 | Topic Creator
ok so ive never really cared to do anything like this but oh well here goes.
hold down the breath button for about 1-2 seconds to realease to early or to late and youll just miss.
take out his feet by just instantaniously pressing the breath button, dont charge or you will miss his feet unless its a very short charge,then try to take out his left arm, a hold of about 2 seconds should work, then his main body(the easiest section) a hold of about 2-4 seconds should do, now for the right arm, strafe to the right side and hold for about 2-3 seconds to hit it, if he pulls back his arm use dragon time and strafe-jump away and then back when the attack is over. dont worrie if he spins, just dodge the fire-balls and attack the areas that have been extenguished. wait for the cut-scene and then try to spam-click the breath buttonuntill he come up to the platform your on, then wait for i to attack, either kick or stomp, and attack the remaining foot until he dies.
skabb 1:
strafe or run around him untill he shoots his grappling hook at you, then dodge it and attack him while he is stuck. after his frst bar of health is gone he will pull out a gun, which also serves as his foot,wait untill after his scatter barrage is over and then attack him while his gun malfunctions, repeat until he is dead.
Skabb 2:
ok try to hit him with polar bombs until the soldiers appear, defeat them and wait until he sharges his sword with dark energy, stay clear of him, as he does massive damage in this state, then after the shockwaves, he will become tired, attack him then, after he gets hisenergy back repeat, with the only difference is the soldiers being commanders.
elemental dragon:
attack it according to the color it is, red-fire,yellow-electricity,green-earth,blue-ice(and purple-shadow) strong attacks are highly recomended.
keep away from him until he starts jumping around, dodge him (going twords the place he jumped not away(sorry for my spelling) and eventually he will get stuck, attack him then,after the cutscene, become possesed of dark energy and start attacking him with dark aurora, when he starts to spin though, charge away from him because when he is done he will become dizzy, another cutscene and (listen to the music after the cutscene, stolen from jak 3 there) use the dark fury to finish the battle, and the game.
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DragonFriend244 Blue Sparx Gems: 767
#2 Posted: 23:30:38 16/06/2008
Simple but it did help me defeat Arborick for the 3rd time! Thank you. smilie

Good Job. smilie

BTW Arborick's name is spelled like this: Right Version: Arborick Wrong version: Arborik.
Shrazer320 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3564
#3 Posted: 00:30:06 17/06/2008
...You just did what HIR did, but a bad version.
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