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Can someone plz help my lil bro PLZ [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 10:59:37 28/05/2008 | Topic Creator
my lil bro wanted to play TEN. and ide completed it so i said "hey why not?" so hes playing it right. hes doing okay but he keeps askin 4 my help, so i do. and im on that bit in Mountain Fortress where u r in like an arena on a rock and theres all these enemies keep coming from nowhere. i get so far, then i die! ive done it before, its just not working now!smiliemy lil bro is killing me! PLZ
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#2 Posted: 13:47:24 28/05/2008
stand on the platfomrm with green gems where they enimies can't get you and shoot fire balls at them.Its easyer with dark spyro, without him it takes ages!
X-heketchis Emerald Sparx Gems: 4771
#3 Posted: 13:58:53 28/05/2008
did you useing freqent expolsions?.....
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SpyroGamer2008 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4018
#4 Posted: 20:59:13 28/05/2008
For that part of the battle, I also, for one, had a hard time doing it again, "Lover Of Spyro". It's not your brothers fault that you can't finish it. It's just that you haven't played that part of the game for a while, and because of this, you sometimes have a hard time doing it. Trust me, it took me at least 5 times even with Dark Spyro before I could finish again. My suggestion on how to beat this is to leave the health and magic gems that you encounter when you enter the area. That way, if the battle gets too hectic, you could simply jump down to these clusters and refill your health/magic bar without the risk of dying. (It also sometimes gets the enemies to get too close to the edge sometimes, and having them end up falling to their death. That's happened to me with the big yak-like dudes so many times when I use this method. And it's really useful, too, because that means I have one less huge problem to deal with.)
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redthedragon Blue Sparx Gems: 831
#5 Posted: 02:23:41 29/05/2008
I got it first try!


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dancinkayley Blue Sparx Gems: 616
#6 Posted: 11:23:59 29/05/2008
In that area I got on the platform, fight some enemies using the breath attacks, then when my magic bar was empty I glided down to the platform where the green gems are so I could refill my magic bar and then go fight some more enemies. That really helped, along with using fury whenever I could.
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X-heketchis Emerald Sparx Gems: 4771
#7 Posted: 12:17:40 29/05/2008
when i did that bit the enemys couldn't really hit me.....they fly really well.......lightning orb
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spyrorocks Fodder
#8 Posted: 11:58:34 31/05/2008
lover of spyro.

i hate the bit you are stuck on. when you go into the area see how much fury energy you have then go up and get as many purple gems as you can. it doen't matter if u die you just have to go back up and collect more. when ypu die you keep the same amount of the purple stuff you got last time. when you have enough for a fury attack die and then go up and get rid of as many bad guys as you can when you are surrunded by the hardest bad guys, do a fury attack. before this electricity orb helps a lot. if you did it or need more help just post.
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