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#1 Posted: 10:43:55 28/05/2008 | Topic Creator
Ok, Ive just realised something. When your facing DM/Malefor in the last level what breath will he have? Will he have all 4 elements or Convexitys breath as in hes like some kinda 'Dark Malefor'?
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#2 Posted: 11:49:20 29/05/2008
first shot: fire/earth/ice/eletricity then second shot: same possibilities except one what is used in first shot then third shot: same possibilities as second shot except one what is used in second shot.... (...) then dragon time, then ...., then furies, then ..., then convexity, then .... ,then dragon time, then ...., then convexity, then ..., then convexity fury. When finish convexity fury, you have chance to hit them. And again....
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