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something i have notiest..... [CLOSED]
cindia Yellow Sparx Gems: 1301
#1 Posted: 00:44:55 27/05/2008 | Topic Creator
when ever spyro did that weird power up thingy cynder was not whering her necklace and bracelets. but in this game she is.

that is weird
Tango Gold Sparx Gems: 2076
#2 Posted: 17:19:44 27/05/2008
power up thingy? when?
saffire Green Sparx Gems: 301
#3 Posted: 16:54:42 31/05/2008
i am smartical
Cynder XD Green Sparx Gems: 198
#4 Posted: 17:14:31 31/05/2008
What she means is when Spyro froze them she didn't have bracelets. And now she does
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Spyro LUVA Blue Sparx Gems: 638
#5 Posted: 20:31:08 31/05/2008
I think it's a sign; Cynder will have to fight extra hard in this game to break Malefor's hold on her and not be evil anymore.
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rojo froglag Green Sparx Gems: 393
#6 Posted: 20:51:06 31/05/2008
Did you ever notice when Cynder was defeated she was not wearing her bracelets or her necklace.
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BLOWHARD Yellow Sparx Gems: 1395
#7 Posted: 21:35:33 31/05/2008
Its just showing that she is tougher, older, and more mature.
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Aang Green Sparx Gems: 370
#8 Posted: 02:03:30 01/06/2008
Nah, I reckon it was an oversight with the model design in TEN and ANB, and EL just decided to bring em' back.
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Spyrothelegend Yellow Sparx Gems: 1105
#9 Posted: 04:05:39 01/06/2008
I know this is off-topic Aang but could you tell me where you got your avatar from?
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Peacelovespyro Gold Sparx Gems: 2864
#10 Posted: 20:37:32 01/06/2008
Quote: Aang
Nah, I reckon it was an oversight with the model design in TEN and ANB, and EL just decided to bring em' back.

Most likely.
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Aang Green Sparx Gems: 370
#11 Posted: 03:51:02 04/06/2008
To Spyrothelegend: Everyone wants to know that! smilie. I'm on the Seirra Community Forums. There's a whole bunch of new avatars on the bottom of the list.
You kicked who in the what now?
Gwenio Gold Sparx Gems: 2454
#12 Posted: 04:04:12 04/06/2008
The assistant producer's emplanation:

Before I explain the return of Cynder's jewelry, I want to take a moment to explain a couple of things. Bare with me...

Often times, there are a lot of details about each character that we simply don't have time to explain in the games. Take Malefor for instance:

Why is Malefor evil? Why does he want to destroy everything? Why is it that every bad guy wants to destroy everything? Well, in the case of Malefor, you have to think about what he has been through in order to understand his motives. Maybe destroying the world wasn't always his goal. Maybe being trapped in the prison of Convexity for as long as he was warped his way of thinking.

As much as we'd like to, we don't always have time to explain every detail (though we do think about them). All we can do is skip to the part that is most relevant and hope for the chance to fill in the gaps at a later point. It's always the hardest decision, to decide which scenes stay and which ones need to be removed.

Another thing that we consider is fan fiction. By leaving certain gaps in the narrative, it allows all of you to join us in the creation of this world. Spyro's world is a world built from imagination. We like to give just enough detail to convey the intent of each scene, while leaving enough room to insert twists at later points, whether it is later in the same game or in another game altogether.

Now back to Cynder's jewelry...

Cynder has been through quite a bit. When she was first redeemed, I think her initial reaction was to cast aside everything that reminded her of the past. She was effectively in denial. But over time, she has begun to come to terms with who she is. Wearing the jewelry that she wore while under Malefor's influence is a subtle way for her to learn to face her fears.

Now why does she have them on when she is freed from the crystal? Well it wouldn't make sense to waste a lot of time in a cut scene that shows her putting them back on, so we'll have to consider them to be "magic".
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