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flying freely. [CLOSED]
bigfan Red Sparx Gems: 84
#1 Posted: 18:39:25 25/05/2008 | Topic Creator
i think in this game you can fly by pressing triangle on the ps3. and in other spyro games you cant. so this going to make this ability usful for flying over obsticles and dodging enemies.or just flying around for some fresh air
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Spyrodude25 Blue Sparx Gems: 929
#2 Posted: 18:42:25 25/05/2008
Ithink it will be used like dragon time with the L1 button but without the meter.
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IamCynder Green Sparx Gems: 462
#3 Posted: 22:39:01 25/05/2008
well, all that i know is that on every game version, you get a free range of flight for the very first time in spyro games

BUT if you think about it u had that free range in the original games....
in the flight challenges...
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