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All About the Music [CLOSED]
wuffser Green Sparx Gems: 252
#1 Posted: 20:59:40 11/03/2012 | Topic Creator
My first time joining and participating in a forum so be gentle.

Recently i had the pleasure of Remastering some songs from the GBA version of Eternal night. Here's a link Just uploaded it like a couple minuets age before this topic was made. I Had the songs for quite a while. Got the midis from VGMUSIC. I just wanted to know if its good or not.

Continuing on the subject of music, Which version of the games music do you prefer? Mines the GBA version if you couldn't tell with the PS2 version right behind it. GBA versions just got that better sense of adventure and hope. PS2 versions got that sense of foreboding that would have worked better under a better designed faster paced game, but that could be said about everything in the game.
spyro and sonic Diamond Sparx Gems: 8245
#2 Posted: 00:49:09 05/04/2012
I prefer the ps2 version because that is the only version I have played but it is really great.
Spyroconvexity Hunter Gems: 8532
#3 Posted: 01:01:16 05/04/2012
I prefer Wii music more.smilie
VespiDragon8 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6474
#4 Posted: 10:09:13 05/04/2012
Quote: spyro and sonic
I prefer the ps2 version because that is the only version I have played but it is really great.

Still, I agree.
We must see that the URL is a remastered from the original. But the original is better.
wuffser Green Sparx Gems: 252
#5 Posted: 09:32:55 29/04/2012 | Topic Creator
Huh. Very surprised some of you have never played the GBA version of the game. It's considered the last great GBA game before the system fell out of style. One of those very underrated gems. Not a cult classic but to be considered one of the GBA's top games is truly something.
SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#6 Posted: 16:44:50 03/05/2012
I play the GBA Version and I was impressed 0.o, the adventure and specially the fighting style it was AWESOME, because you have to learn new abilities to get going and go back to other places to get new upgrades, I really enjoy playing that version, it was so freaking Epic and Awesome, I really love it smilie
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IF Green Sparx Gems: 488
#7 Posted: 15:57:28 15/06/2012
I loved all three versions smilie
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