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Season of Ice? [CLOSED]
xSpringWeatherx Blue Sparx Gems: 866
#1 Posted: 01:48:04 28/02/2012 | Topic Creator
I just decided I wanted to ask all of you Spyro fans what exactly this game is like...

I was thinking about getting it soon, actually I was supposed to get one for last Christmas but I got a second Season of Flame, sigh...
That was weird, but I just decided to ask you guys if it was a good game or not.

Thanks for answering! smilie
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Mariofanstar Blue Sparx Gems: 500
#2 Posted: 10:53:58 28/02/2012
It's much harder than Season of Flame and less enjoyable. Although, the music does kinda feels like the kind of music I would hear from any old-school Spyro game. This takes place after Spyro: Year of the Dragon and one of the downsides is the fact fairies (or Zoe, for that matter) won't appear in levels to save your progress which results in you starting any level all over again. A lot of the minor characters are back as well as the portals. There is a surprise waiting for you if you collect everything. I already fully completed this game numerous years ago, that's how I knew what the game is like.
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