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Dark Master Confusion [CLOSED]
Tango Gold Sparx Gems: 2076
#51 Posted: 21:34:46 30/05/2008
i know,there is a topic on here called "boxart" go on there and see
Aang Green Sparx Gems: 370
#52 Posted: 05:22:41 31/05/2008
Quote: Dragon Lover
Quote: Aang
Yeah, I agree with you.

Who, me?

Yeah, you smilie.
You kicked who in the what now?
Spyro forever Fodder
#53 Posted: 14:52:33 18/06/2008
If you listen closely in ANB Ignitus said that he and the other guardians locked the dark master away
Spyro LUVA Blue Sparx Gems: 638
#54 Posted: 19:12:25 18/06/2008
When?! Link 2 video please?
Look @ my YouTube channel! PLZ subscribe if you like!
Last edited at 19:12:45 18/06/2008 by Spyro LUVA
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