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Help With Ravage Rider [CLOSED]
AshETERNAL Green Sparx Gems: 387
#1 Posted: 03:31:47 26/01/2012 | Topic Creator
I can't get pst that damned Ravage Rider. I can get through the first round, but then the second one is impossible for me. I run around the center circle, so he can't get me, and he STILL gets me somehow. Can anyone help me? I've beat every other Spyro game, including the other two Trilogy games, but TEN. It's annoying me.
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#2 Posted: 12:42:41 02/02/2012
I know a few ways to beat him, but I think if you try using dragon time and using a breath attack on him, then hitting him when it runs out, you will be able to beat him.

Also, do this once you have gotten him to crash into the wall. If you stand in the middle, he will come at you, dodge him and he will crash into the wall if he comes from a certain angle. When he does, run up to him and use dragon time, then beat the crap outta him.
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#3 Posted: 23:35:43 28/02/2012
Make him crash then use dragon time then use your earth flayle.
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