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Boss Guide for the DS version [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 10:55:10 06/05/2008 | Topic Creator
I decided to create a boss guide for the DS version, just because I feel like it (though I have some feeling that it's not going to be very useful).

I might have missed out some bosses or forgotten some ways to dodge attacks because I haven't played this game in ages (because I'm too busy enjoying the Wii version of TEN!). So I'd appreciate it if you could tell me if I've missed out anything.

Anyway, here goes.

Location: Vision World 1

Ignitus will use his horn attack. It's quite easy to dodge, just avoid standing in front of him. After he's used his horn attack three times he'll be dizzy, so go up to him and use your melee attack until he stops being dizzy. If I remember correctly, breath attacks don't work on this boss. When his health is lower (around 1/4 left) he'll start using fire breath. I don't remember how to dodge it, you could try rolling or jumping.

Location: Vision World 2

Terrador has a tail attack which you need to double jump over. It may take a bit of practise getting the timing right. Once he's used his tail attack three times, he'll be dizzy and you'll need to hit him (with melee attacks as Terrador is resistant to breath attacks) until he's no longer dizzy- you should be able to get around three or four hits in.

In this area, you can actually hide in some of the corners to avoid being hit altogether, but it will be harder to hit him. You'll probably need to roll towards him and only whack him once or twice.

When his health is down to about 1/5 he'll start using earth breath. I don't remember how to dodge his breath attack. Hiding in the corners won't work either. Try and avoid standing in front of him.

Location: Ancient Grove 8

I think this is the first boss that you can use breath attacks on! So take it to your advantage!

Skabb will start off the battle by throwing bombs. The dark shadows show where they'll land, so jump to the platform that doesn't have a shadow. Then he'll jump down onto one of the platforms, so try and get onto the same platform as him. He will try and hit you, but after a few times of trying to hit you he'll be dizzy- this is the time to give him breath attacks, or melee attacks. When his health is low the battle will be ended and you'll be taken to the next area.

Location: Vision World 3

Volteer uses exactly the same attacks as Terrador so you can use exactly the same strategy- but I'm pretty sure you can use electricity breath on him. There aren't any corners to hide in this time, but I found his tail attack easier to dodge for some reason.

Location: Gladiator Arena (I'm pretty sure it's the seventh area. It's actually on the pirate ship, but the game still calls this area the Gladiator Arena.)

By now you should have electricity breath, which can be very helpful in this battle. I recommend bashing all of the barrels before going to the room where Skabb is to get extra blue gems, to heal and to fill in time while waiting for the breath meter to fill.

Once you're ready, go into the room and the door will close. Skabb will first throw things at you, so just jump and glide to dodge. Then the cannons at the edges of the room will fire. I usually go to one of the sides while the cannons are firing, because I find I'm less likely to be hit if I go there. After that, use electricity breath on Skabb. Repeat if he's not dead yet- it should only take a couple of times.

Location: Vision World 4

Defeat Cyril in the same way you defeated Volteer and Terrador. I'm pretty sure that, like Volteer, you can use breath attacks on him too.

Location: Well of Souls (I think it's Well of Souls 7 or 8)

I recommend that you smash all of the crystals earlier in this level to try and fill up the fury bar. An ice fury can really come in handy if your health gets low.

Gaul will follow you and try and whack you, but if you keep walking in the same direction he shouldn't get a chance to. Then he'll throw his weapon. I find that I usually don't get hit if I stand right next to Gaul on his right. Then Gaul will summon a bunch of ghosts and spirits. After a few seconds Gaul will become dizzy, so hit him with lightning breath. You'll need to repeat a few times before he dies. Now you've completed the game!
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Thats good! After all, you were the one who helped meon it all! ^.^
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