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Quills [CLOSED]
Tango Gold Sparx Gems: 2076
#1 Posted: 09:55:31 04/05/2008 | Topic Creator
will they be there like in ten or are they getting rid of them?what do you think?
Dragon Lover Emerald Sparx Gems: 4649
#2 Posted: 13:52:40 04/05/2008
I doubt to my highest extent that they'll keep them. But ya never know...
Blackholes_Wolf Ripto Gems: 10760
#3 Posted: 14:45:25 04/05/2008
Hopefully there gone, I hated trying to collect them all smilie
Dragon Lover Emerald Sparx Gems: 4649
#4 Posted: 14:45:46 04/05/2008
^ Exactly!!
alexis1213 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1595
#5 Posted: 14:56:56 04/05/2008
^ same with me I need 3 more until I have all of them

Waka Tao master! Okami FAQ
Dragon Lover Emerald Sparx Gems: 4649
#6 Posted: 15:45:41 04/05/2008
I need just a few more. Like, 3 or 4.
SilverDragon Gold Sparx Gems: 2060
#7 Posted: 17:43:44 04/05/2008
Hopefully there will be Quills in that Spyro game smilie

I missed 4 in TEN...
Tango Gold Sparx Gems: 2076
#8 Posted: 19:49:03 04/05/2008 | Topic Creator
i got them all now but it was fun seeing the pics.
dark_fury912 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3836
#9 Posted: 03:28:42 10/05/2008
I don't think the quills will be in this game
maybe because they just want to do it in TEN.
Spyro forever Fodder
#10 Posted: 00:13:07 25/06/2008
The quills are driving me mad! I Only have one left! ) :
Dawn Green Sparx Gems: 174
#11 Posted: 01:26:08 25/06/2008
BAH! I have like two left!
Spyro tough. Don't mess with da master. Uh-Huh yea thats it, walk away.
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9016
#12 Posted: 01:49:48 25/06/2008
I actually never looked at my completed art gallery. But they were all sparkly and irresistible so I had to collect them! ^.^
Congrats! You wasted five seconds reading this.
Byrn Yellow Sparx Gems: 1250
#13 Posted: 17:29:15 25/06/2008
They might have unlockable art again. But maybe we wont have to collect quills to get it.
Sanity is a one trick pony, all you get is one trick, rational thinking. But when you're good and crazy, the skys the limit!
miles tails Fodder
#14 Posted: 01:59:03 26/06/2008
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