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Eternal darkness? [CLOSED]
hunter Blue Sparx Gems: 767
#1 Posted: 08:32:29 04/05/2008 | Topic Creator
Last edited at 09:27:49 04/05/2008 by hunter
Spyro Fanatic Hunter Gems: 12028
#2 Posted: 08:39:30 04/05/2008
The new game is set three years later.
Spyro LUVA Blue Sparx Gems: 638
#3 Posted: 19:49:19 05/05/2008
Everyone knows when it is set, I think. Wot do u mean by Eternal Darkness? Hunter? You didn't even type anything!
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DragonFriend244 Blue Sparx Gems: 767
#4 Posted: 19:51:48 05/05/2008
My response to "Hunter": ?
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9016
#5 Posted: 20:25:48 05/05/2008
If you're referring to a world filled with nothing but dark, terrible places, then that's not a true statement.
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