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Fireworks Glitch [CLOSED]
Shadow_Flare Green Sparx Gems: 114
#1 Posted: 17:01:55 17/11/2006 | Topic Creator
Okaies,my last saved file was corrupt,so I had to start a new game.Anyways,I was in the small area next to the Nanny's House and the Ball gadget and set off the purple firework for the strong chest.It flew there okay,yet didn't break it open.Is this a glitch in the game or is it just my disk?
Ember3 Green Sparx Gems: 150
#2 Posted: 19:11:52 17/11/2006
it didn't do that on my game, it must be your disk. sorry
^ ^
Shadow_Flare Green Sparx Gems: 114
#3 Posted: 19:46:20 17/11/2006 | Topic Creator
Meh,it's not a problem,pretty old and crappeh disk anyway. =P
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