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Summer Forest? [CLOSED]
Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 6071
#51 Posted: 21:54:26 04/05/2008
But they DID bring back at least one character from the original series, HUNTER! Oiy! *throws up hands* I give up.
Mewnaphy Gold Sparx Gems: 2750
#52 Posted: 02:15:21 05/05/2008
To all who don't want Elora in:I'm not even a big fan of her,but I have to point this out.If they did put her in,wouldn't she get a big change in personality and look like Spyro and Sparx?She wouldn't be the same Elora anymore!(well,this would be a pain to Elora fans)So,I don't see why we should complain.

Sorry if I didn't make sense.This is what happens when I post after getting disturbed by a Youtube video.smilie;
"Hence nothing remains except for our regrets"
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