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help! like, foreal i dont understand it~! [CLOSED]
sleepytree Fodder
#1 Posted: 20:50:25 30/04/2008
on my game i tried to buy the kerfuffle leaf, but it wont let me get more than 999 gems... and its really irritating me that i just need ONE more gem! any help? would be SOOO APPRECHIATED! <3 XXX
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 12337
#2 Posted: 21:56:07 30/04/2008
You need to buy a "Small Wallet" from the Marshall's shop in Dragon Shores.
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Anonymous Fodder
#3 Posted: 00:21:35 01/05/2008
...thats it? but i thought that shop was closed. ill try!

thanks a bunch!
dancinkayley Blue Sparx Gems: 616
#4 Posted: 04:07:18 25/05/2008
All of the shops open once you rescue all of the bears in the forest and do tasks for them.
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TrueSpyroFAN Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#5 Posted: 13:38:48 25/05/2008
^ Yup! I rarely buy stuff from there..only things i need though. smilie
spyrorockforeva Green Sparx Gems: 391
#6 Posted: 14:43:59 21/10/2008
yay i have completed the game 5 times but eveytime i try to re compleat the game i always get stuck on things like this!
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ice_bomb Blue Sparx Gems: 833
#7 Posted: 17:07:45 12/11/2008
I've beaten the game once and it was so fun.
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xxCynderxx Blue Sparx Gems: 642
#8 Posted: 19:57:56 16/11/2008
U got 2 much gems need 2 by another walet...
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