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Wave Three
Harvey1997 Blue Sparx Gems: 672
#451 Posted: 11:57:31 21/03/2012
I don't really care about the other two, I just want Cynder! Looked at Target and ToysRUS and they don't have her! The Walmarts, K-Marts, and Gamestops in my town and places within two hours of me are only selling the starter pack. Any other ideas? If so, PM or guestbook me.smilie
Spyro forever
camo19 Green Sparx Gems: 314
#452 Posted: 12:06:36 22/03/2012
Cynder is now mine.MINE!!!!got her in a target store. it is weird because i always get skylanders at target
sapphix Yellow Sparx Gems: 1239
#453 Posted: 10:00:49 27/03/2012
i cant find them anywhere theyre sold out all over altrincham, i checked toys r us cleaned out, went to sale no where, went stretford zip went manchester nothing and toys r us in manchester NOTHING, i need to replace sonic boom because my dog literally devoured it lolzzz
So cyder is out then cnt w8 for this sequal either its gunna be top will we need a new portal though
Fire Bad---Tree Pretty smilie
guruvoodoo Red Sparx Gems: 16
#454 Posted: 16:38:10 01/04/2012
does anyone know howto beat the 6th heroic challenge (lightning rods) i get right through only to be stuck on aledge with no porthole heeeeelp
camo19 Green Sparx Gems: 314
#455 Posted: 01:39:47 09/04/2012
sapphix. i think may be able to replace your sonic boom.

guruvoodood. on youtube there is a video to help you with your problem.
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