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how to do ravage rider? [CLOSED]
darkbabyspyro Blue Sparx Gems: 866
#1 Posted: 15:02:21 20/04/2008 | Topic Creator
i now stuck on ravage rider a little help please? all i know is that when he sticks his ass in the air you can get him. hehe
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#2 Posted: 15:51:36 20/04/2008
Well you should use dragon time, that's very useful.
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SpyroGamer2008 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4018
#3 Posted: 19:38:57 21/04/2008
Check out HIR's boss guide for this game. The topic is at the top of the page (listed as a sticky) so you won't have to go through the hussle and bussle of trying to find this topic in the old forums on this topic. In it, he describes all of the bosses (including the Ravage Rider) in this game, and has tips on how to defeat them.
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Shrazer320 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3552
#4 Posted: 04:02:00 24/04/2008
Standard Boss: Ravage Rider
Difficulty: Easy
Health meter(s): 2
Vulnerability point?: Yes

The Ravage Rider fights EXACTLY the same as Steam from ANB. When the fight starts, and the Ravage Rider is warming up, chase after it and melee it and use some of your breath on it. Once it's up to full speed, go to the center of the arena and wait. The Ravage Rider will then try to charge at you. It will also do one of two things; A: sprout a flamethrower on one side and try to flame you with it, or B: sprout a cannon and shoot cannon balls at you. Either way, activate Dragon Time and run to the side, preferably the side that the cannon/flamethrower isn't on and unfreeze. The Ravage Rider will start circling again and will charge your once or twice more. Then, it will collide with the wall. Start unloading GROUND melee hits on it like a crazy person. If you have a fury, by all means use it! For the second health bar, the Ravage Rider will move faster, and its cannon will fire shots at you while it's circling around the arena. Next boss, please!
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