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So i've heard... [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 20:39:24 05/11/2011 | Topic Creator
So i've heard of this glitch that will allow you to go past the boundry line in Stone hill... Anyone know how? I think theres a Youtube vid, but I have limited internet so I can't view it.
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#2 Posted: 07:07:00 20/11/2011
But which version of smilie you?
smilie for Psx or ps1, because if psx I believe, I assure you 100%, but I think there is a trick that you can fly with no down and round off the map for water but well away, crossing transparent wall (boundary line) of the level you got away, but I repeat not, I assure you if it's true or not do the trick

[youtube] [/youtube]
If you can see this video, here is the trick of flying without descending
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