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The Sorcerer (Spoilers) [CLOSED]
Lover of Spyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1831
#51 Posted: 18:16:16 22/05/2007
yeah, coz hes, i cant think of an! Shredder is from the teenage mutant ninja turtles episodes...every one calls him the shredder, but they dont know that Shredder is his real name! its kind of the same thing really!
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dragmundis Platinum Sparx Gems: 5047
#52 Posted: 23:41:58 03/06/2007
wHo the Heck is Krome?
spyrolifacent Fodder
#53 Posted: 19:28:19 12/06/2007
it is so stupid i lost my pens and now i cant compleat it and my local game shop just closed down any tips
spyro lifacent Fodder
#54 Posted: 19:31:17 12/06/2007
SBM Fodder
#55 Posted: 17:52:53 05/10/2007
Hey I was here ages ago and some1 said something about completing the whole game and red said something about finding anew machine and that he/she had pictures on yahoo to prove it can some1 email those pictures 2 me?pleaze?
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 12403
#56 Posted: 19:02:53 05/10/2007
Nah, that was just someone's cutscene being misplaced, it should have played a lot earlier in the game. If you teleport out of the Mountain of Magic rather than walk out after rescuing the wizards there, the next time you walk in or out of the area it'll play no matter how far through the game you've gotten.

If taken from the point of view when it was mistakenly played you could think that the picture of Red meant that he was talking, it was instead just a picture to show Red with Tomas telepathically talking to Spyro.
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V Green Sparx Gems: 124
#57 Posted: 06:40:50 29/11/2007
SL did have some MAJOR glitches in... every area. Not a big suprise then to hear of a misplaced cutscene.
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TrueSpyroFAN Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#58 Posted: 07:24:23 01/04/2008
what was the misplaced one?
Brazilian Spyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3675
#59 Posted: 16:54:43 01/04/2008
Quote: dark52
Well, he looks kinda like this at first...

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

Apologies for the quality, my cameras a bit rubbish.

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Red Spyro Blue Sparx Gems: 964
#60 Posted: 21:17:17 01/05/2008
He looks so like the DM.. -.-
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TrueSpyroFAN Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#61 Posted: 17:07:26 02/05/2008
He doesn't look exactly like the DM. He just....looks AWESOME! smilie
cynder4ever Green Sparx Gems: 356
#62 Posted: 01:06:41 28/06/2008
I think he's what started the dark master.I mean,he's purple(sorta),huge,and controls dark magic.I mean,COME ON!They're like twins.
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Cynderfyre Emerald Sparx Gems: 3813
#63 Posted: 12:27:45 29/07/2008
Hes absolutely huge and he's twice the size of a normal dragon
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