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Dark Masters Lair [CLOSED]
spyro luver Blue Sparx Gems: 557
#51 Posted: 21:13:32 11/07/2008
Quote: Forgotten World
He's probably locked in chains looking at his past and the fake extreme wealth. Dark angels that look like demons tourtureing him and locking him in a cage, that is put in flameing spikes. His castle is next to a ball of lava, dark and very evil looking. This place is scary and haunted with ghosts of the ones that were sentenced to death. They carry chains and iron balls, in front of them is the Dark Master. He is never free and is always in pain, sometimes wailing like a pragnant woman giving birth. His prison is almost pitch black, and he can only see pain. With all his power, he has been weakened and could only wisper words that sound like he is in great pain. Finally this place is filled with hard and jagged rock/large bricks of all blackness. This place is a horrible place that dragons consitter our #ell.

Well this is my guess.

thats a good guess
Please Help My Dragons Hatch
Please dont let my dragons die!!
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