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iPhone [CLOSED]
tyro5963 Green Sparx Gems: 175
#1 Posted: 06:28:01 16/10/2011 | Topic Creator
they should make spyro for Iphone
StealthSpyro Red Sparx Gems: 30
#2 Posted: 14:26:51 07/12/2011
Definitely an iOS version, but I'd rather play on my iPad and on my iPhone. Much larger screen.
foxishsolitude Green Sparx Gems: 416
#3 Posted: 05:40:47 21/12/2011
does anyone know if they have made a spyro game compatible to iphone??? smilie
Nyahahahahaaa smilie smilie smilie
"All I seeeee is blackness! .. Oh my hood's down..." - Acolyte From Warcraft lll
Ahaila Yellow Sparx Gems: 1954
#4 Posted: 12:03:28 22/12/2011
I found that video:

In the video person who's recording it says that you are able to play PSX games using an emulator. So I guess we can play Spyro on Iphone smilie
ExtremeSpyro Ripto Gems: 112
#5 Posted: 07:34:10 23/03/2012
Not without jailbreaking.
That emulator sucks, anyway.
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Spyrofanboy101 Blue Sparx Gems: 519
#6 Posted: 23:12:36 14/06/2012
spyro is mobile on the iphone but it is skylanders smilie
whirlwind fan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5748
#7 Posted: 06:12:30 15/06/2012
It will be smaller... yeah
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