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waall kick [CLOSED]
kookey_kat Green Sparx Gems: 112
#1 Posted: 11:22:50 24/09/2006 | Topic Creator
Would one of you kind and loyal spyro fans please point me towards the elder which gives you wall kick power in a heros tail.


as my 4 yr old little spyro fan is driving me insane


The Kat
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 12810
#2 Posted: 11:35:38 24/09/2006
The Elder that gives you wall kick is in the third realm's second level (Ice Citadel), you get it through normal progression through the game so it's impossible to miss really. You should just ignore any wall kick surfaces until then.
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Redizcool15 Red Sparx Gems: 64
#3 Posted: 18:39:39 12/05/2007
You go through Gloomy Glacier to get to the Ice Citadel or take a teleporter there.
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