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Stupid Annoying Glitch [CLOSED]
gaul2 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1796
#1 Posted: 03:58:51 02/06/2011 | Topic Creator
Ok today i finished mountain Fortress for the 18th time.I was in the final gaul battle room to use Convexity Fury The game got all weird and glitchy and i restarted.Then i fought gaul in the 2nd stage (When spyro gains convexity breath) Gaul teleported and when i found him he was invisible.So i'd just look around and find him and he'd kill me with the Double Swipe Attack.After awhile i just quit.Realy annoying.
Bye Darkspyro! ;(
GamingMaster_76 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1271
#2 Posted: 02:09:52 04/06/2011
Once I knocked Gaul of the edge or he fell or something. It was cool, but I couldn't attack him... And he was still alive... smilie

That happened the first time I fought him, it was really bad cause I had to die and start all over again! smilie
Bolt Hunter Gems: 5889
#3 Posted: 03:24:10 18/06/2011
Yes, it is really annoying... It has happened to me too, as you can tell...
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