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Town Square [CLOSED]
Kitty Platinum Sparx Gems: 5106
#1 Posted: 01:59:52 28/03/2011 | Topic Creator
When I was little I learned that you can both flame and charge the bulls in this level. So what I did was charge at it, making the monster dead but still there, and then flamed its rump. Am I the only one who did this? I just thought it was funny...
Thunderdragon14 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8087
#2 Posted: 02:35:42 28/03/2011
Everyone did that.
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Shrazer320 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3564
#3 Posted: 16:36:55 28/03/2011
^ This.

Generally I just flame them now and move on. It's not really funny anymore, and I'm more interested in 100%-ing the level.
Summers94 Blue Sparx Gems: 585
#4 Posted: 19:02:23 29/03/2011
Yeah I Flamed the Bulls as well as charging them . Ha Ha Great Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kitty Platinum Sparx Gems: 5106
#5 Posted: 20:15:34 29/03/2011 | Topic Creator
Yeah, it was funny when I was little. But now it's just quick-as-possible with the enimies and move onto to beat the game.
Johnster1 Red Sparx Gems: 69
#6 Posted: 18:51:47 28/04/2011
I remember sitting for around ten minutes straight laughing and pointing at a bull with its horns in the ground. It was funny. But because I didn't have a memory card, I had to complete the game within the twelve hours I had free. I got 71% through the game total smilie
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Spyro-Gamer Hunter Gems: 7311
#7 Posted: 07:13:02 01/05/2011
I did that. It's funny.
I was making a playthrough video with my friend and I was at the end of the level. I stopped near the fountain and a bull hit me and I charged away and was like: 'It's like a rodeo in there!'
dreamynightmare Gold Sparx Gems: 2139
#8 Posted: 01:20:56 01/06/2011
I've done that. I always like going back into the levels and just chasing and messing around the villains. It's fun to me (:
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Zpyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1364
#9 Posted: 20:47:45 02/06/2011
Yeah, pretty much everyone did this.
Mariofanstar Blue Sparx Gems: 500
#10 Posted: 18:04:59 01/10/2011
Yep, kicking enemies' butts just never gets old! smilie
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SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 9224
#11 Posted: 09:56:06 02/10/2011
Quote: Mariofanstar
Yep, kicking enemies' butts just never gets old! smilie

LOL smilie I can imagine Spyro saying that.
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Kiro Blue Sparx Gems: 765
#12 Posted: 23:12:00 08/10/2011
^Sheila says something similar to that in the 3rd game. But yeah,Spyro might say it too. smilie
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skulldragon95 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1634
#13 Posted: 19:06:12 27/07/2012
you can charge the bulls and thell die and they disappear after awile
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WolfTron Green Sparx Gems: 216
#14 Posted: 23:24:36 29/07/2012
I thought it was pretty darn cool when I first played the game, seemed pretty unique to have choices when dealing with the bulls!
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AshETERNAL Green Sparx Gems: 387
#15 Posted: 03:18:31 01/08/2012
I actually never charged then flamed them. xD Gotta try that.
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