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#1 Posted: 21:27:26 28/06/2006 | Topic Creator
When I post messages, I like to read through them and check for grammar mistakes (unlike most people here). I just recently noticed that you cannot preview the message when you create a topic. I know you can just simply look through the message you posted, but sometimes it is very lengthy, and the message text is easier to see when it is in preview mode (thus easier to spot mistakes). Is there any possible way you can add a "Preview Message" when creating a new topic? Sounds simple, knowing that you were able to add it to replies, but I don't know, since I'm not an expert on this stuff.
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#2 Posted: 22:00:16 28/06/2006
Good idea. Unfortunately I don't currently have a fully operational test server so this change may or may not work first time.

And yes, it appears that it works. You can now preview topics before posting them.
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